Shaman Healer- a year long journey.

I am so excited to be able to offer you this opportunity. A comprehensive years course in how to integrate shamanic healing into your personal or professional life. 

This workshop is for you if...

  • You are an holistic practitioner and would like to include shamanic healing techniques alongside your other skills. 

  • You are looking for a practical shamanic course- rooted in how to help yourself, and others.

  • Life is complicated,  and you struggle to commit to weekend courses.

  • You are looking for that balance between affordable yet in-depth and practical. 

If you would like to find out a little more about me, my experience, and whether this course could help you just contact me to book a complimentary 20 minute telephone call. Just click here to book your call.

All of the workshops take place at "The Old Barns" just off the A26 between Lewes & Uckfield.

There are 9 separate workshops in 2019, split into five separate modules. You will receive comprehensive notes before each module, so you can enjoy the workshops rather than writing notes. 

I am on hand for full email support though out the course, and if you are looking for a little extra guidance I have an affordable mentor programme as well. 

Payment is monthly, starting in January and finishing in November, with a deposit of £55 to reserve your place.

If illness or emergency prevents you from attending I can offer a three hour 1-2-1 catch up for a top up payment of £10. 

Module One 23/2 & 2/3    Connect, Protect & Understand

We will explore how to consciously open sacred space, and how to close it again- as well as looking at why this is so important. 

As you consciously connect with another persons auric body I will help you to translate what you are experiencing into a h0w you can best help your self, or your client. 

I will teach you how I do my "energy MOT", checking each chakra for blocks, healing and releasing these blocks, and then checking into the aura body.  This is usually how I first work with a client- clearing away every day negativity to allow me to find the deep rooted problems.

In the first workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you learn how to heal yourself. 

In the second workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you will receive and give a full energy "MOT" healing. 

Module Two 23/3 & 13/4  Energy- find, remove & heal. 

This module explores the workings of the auric body, the types of negative energies & blocks you might find- and how to deal with them. 

We will cover how to  find, and release;

  • Emotional wounds held in the auric body.

  • Psychic daggers.

  • Cords that may, or may not be, known about.

In the first workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you will receive group healing and learn self healing techniques. 

In the second workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you will receive and give a full healing to check for and remove/heal all of the above. 

Module Three 1/6 & 6/7  Story- Unwind, forgive & release. 

Sometimes an energy healing is not enough, the energy imprint on the logical mind is so great that only healing the energy body does not clear the wound.  This si especially true with wounds from family, or connected with family dynamics 7 the ancestors. 

I will teach you how to use breath, words and drum to find the story and "regress" both mind and auric body to heal these deep wounds. 

In the first workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you will experience this in a group setting. 

In the second workshop there will be journeying, discussion, and you will receive and lead a full healing to release deeply held emotional blocks. 

If you are planning on doing this work with clients you will need a drum, in this session I will drum for everyone to give a little added structure to this difficult technique. 

Module Four 7/9 & 26/10   Soul Retrieval

The soul retrieval is a beautiful healing ceremony allowing the shaman to bring back a lost soul part for their client.


It blends many of the skills you will have learnt already  to create a cohesive experience.  A full soul retrieval needs the skill of the shaman to hold sacred space, understand the needs of the client, journey for another, and to support a client as they understand the symbols they were offered. 

In the first workshop you will experience a group soul retrieval, a more gentle experience than working one-to-one. Hearing others experiences is a really important part of the learning. 

In the second workshop you will give, and receive a 1-2-1 soul retrieval- with my full support. 

Module Five 2/11 (this session will finish a little later than the others)

Leading a shamanic journey.

In each of the other workshops you will have journeyed. Sometimes up the world tree, sometimes down. Sometimes to connect with a guide, or an ancestor, or your own higher self. 

In an extended workshop you will each get a chance to lead the group on a journey (if you wish-it is as ever your choice). We will email before hand in case you have any questions- but this is your chance to feel the energy of leading a group, and to feel how different it is when other people lead the group. 

A deep day of connection and shamanic exploration. Leading others by voice and drum- the easiest, most powerful, yet hardest job of a shaman, 

Whether you are doing this course for your own personal development, or add another layer to your holistic business- I promise you an inspirational, deeply rooted and life changing course. 

If you are interested and would like to know more you can book in a free telephone call to discuss the course, my experience, and help decide if the course is right for you. Simply click here to book. 

Payment is either in advance, or monthly, these are my early bird prices...

The cost for the 9 full day workshops, comprehensive notes, and full email support is £660. Payable in advance (please contact me for details) or 12 monthly payments of £55. One deposit, then 11 months from January through to November. 

I have option of including mentor support, great if you are looking to integrate this work into your holistic business- or just like the idea  of a little extra guidance. 

This includes two half hour skype/face to face sessions a month to help you integrate & process the work. It can include personal support, or client supervision if that is helpful. 

The cost for 9 full day workshops, comprehensive notes, full email support, and bi-monthly 1-2-1 support sessions is £1045. Payable in advance, or in 11 monthly payments of £90 and one deposit of £55.

If would like to pay in advance please email me for details, you will of course receive a full receipt for your purchase. 

Make 2019 a year of change, and reserve your early bird price with a deposit of £55

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