Seidr Circle

This is a monthly circle where I will lead a Nordic chant.  The circle is designed to be a nurturing space where we can come together and enjoy the deep connection the chant can create.

Who is the group designed for?

Anyone who is looking for a friendly space to develop their connection, shaman experience, personal understanding, psychic or healer skills, spiritual path... it is a very inclusive space. 

My personal path is Norse based, so I use my experience to hold the circle.  But there is space for you to connect in your own way, and to what ever works best for you.

No previous experience needed- and if you have any questions just email me.

What actually happens? 

From 7-7.30  you are welcome to come, chat, just be, ask questions.

7.30 I open sacred space- just a way of marking that we are connecting.

I demonstrate, and invite you to join in (you don't need to) a short tai-chi type exercise called the stances. In a focused, meditative way I form the 16 runes of the younger futhark with my body.  This  is intended to bring the mind, body, and breath into focus. 

We usually started with some focused breathing, I may talk about a seasonal celebration, or share a Norse myth if it feels right.


I then lead the chant- I invite you to join the chant, but if this doesn't feel right you an just enjoy the feel of being in the chant silently.

We use several different chants, each will have a different feel and energy. Individuals can chant at their own pitch, speed and volume- the chant will swell, and weave, build and slow, creating its own unique pattern each time we chant. 

As you chant your breath deepens, the sound vibrates through out your body,  and often your logical left brain quietens down to allow you to connect with your wiser right brain.

The benefits of chanting will depend on you, what you most need, what you are looking for, and your personal way of experiencing he world.  It can include;

  • Healing

  • Deep relaxation

  • Inspired thought (suddenly solving a problem you've been thinking about)

  • A sense of knowing something

  • Meeting with, working with guides & power animals

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Connecting with land elementals

  • Joy & a feeling of bliss.

Depending on the group there may be a led meditation with my drum (pathworking), or we may just spend the time chanting and sharing our experiences.  each circle is unique.

We end with the stances (again- no need to take part if you'd rather not) to gently ground and help the step back into the mundane world. There is always a chance to share experiences, but only if that feels right.  Then I close sacred space to end the circle.

The cost is £10 for the evening. Email me for clear directions (free parking, working indoors).


It is advisable to bring something warm for winter months, and a drink.


I hold a seidr circle as part of my shaman Saturdays as well.