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u Vidar (ur)

  • Strength

  • Considered response

  • Preparation

  • Patience

  • Vengeance

  • A challenge

  • Adversity

Dross is from bad iron

Oft runs the reindeer on the hard snow


Shower- lamentation of the clouds

And ruin of hay harvest

And abomination of the shepherd


Vidar is Odin's son, and he avenges his father at Ragnarök by killing Fenrir. There is a sense that he was "born" for this purpose, and that he sits in Odin's place after Ragnarök - the new generation of Gods.


Despite being a "younger" God- there is a sense of Vidar being Primal, original, old, rooted. (he is associated with aurochs)

Traditionally he represents energy healing, our vitality, our "megin" (chi/prana).

There is a connection with waste, by-products, refinements, shoes, rain (destructive rain- rather than fertile rain of Frey). He is known to have one large boot, which he pulls open the mouth of Fenrir with. As if he has bided his time, and carefully gathered his resources in preparation for this time.

Vidar is connected with stepping back, being grounded, waiting, patience. He is associated with vengeance- but cold, balanced, calculated rebalancing.

Waiting until the time is right.

Strength, initiation rites, facing personal trials.

Vidar can be a warning to take your time, not to react- but withdraw, reflect, and act when the time is right.

It can suggest that strength is needed, there are challenging times.


Grounding, and the root chakra. A deeply grounding rune- when we need to feel a stability in our life.

The need to withdraw and gain a clear perspective of a situation. Sometimes we just need peace to hear our own thoughts more clearly.

Any form of energy (megin) healing, especially when connecting to earth energy.

Working through revenge, when we feel we have not been treated fairly and we want to have a sense of fairness in our life. (Not suggesting revenge is the way forward- rather this is a great rune to work through those emotions!)

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