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I love working with Vidar, he has a calm, strong, grounded energy. There is a deep connection with renewal and transformation - connect with Vidar if you want to make considered change in your life, or to move out of transition and into a new stage in your life.

This is a rune connected to withdrawing, preparing, being focused.

If I want to connect with Vidar, to feel that calm grounded strength, I make sure both of my feet ate flat on the floor. I breath deeply. I stay focused to ensure I choose my response instead of reacting to whatever is happening.

I feel connected to Vidar when I walk in the fields and woods locally. The view seems to stretch on for ever, and the everyday stresses of my life just seem a little further away.

I have a 30 minute lokk-seidr journey connecting with Vidar- which you can use to experience the rune and the deity.

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