Are you ready to learn rune-lore & lokk-seidr?

This is my absolute passion in life, and I am delighted to be sharing the practical tools that I use to weave the runes into my personal and professional life.

I teach a shamanic workshop monthly (lokk-seidr) and a teaching workshop monthly (rune-lore). You are welcome to just do one of these, or combine both and enjoy the wisdom behind the rune, and the experience of the rune.

You can book in as you go, but if you subscribe to both you get free access to my online rune-lore course as well. The entire course is 17 months - you can cancel your subscription as any time if it is not working for you.

Curious to find out more? Read on, there are links to click on to find out more information, and to book your place.


Join me, via Zoom, on a journey to experience the runes.

Each month we will focus on a different rune. After a short introduction I will lead a visualisation to a landscape or place that really reflects the rune. Then I will use lokk-seidr (a Shamanic chant based on the sounds of the runes) to allow you a deep sense of connection.

Afterwards there is a chance to share and ask questions, or you can do this my email if you prefer.

The whole experience is recorded so you can enjoy even if you couldn't attend in person, and of course you can repeat the journey as well.



Practical ways you can integrate the runes into your life.

Join me via Zoom for a two hour in-depth, and very practical, focus on how to use the runes.

Each month we will focus on one rune from the younger futhark. Looking at the archetypes connected to the rune, the associated deity/ies, how to use the rune in your life, and how to use the rune when working with others.

This course has a focus on shamanic work - the energy, archetypes, and practical use of the runes. You can expect A LOT of information, and I offer email support throughout the course (17 months in total) as you integrate the runes on a personal level,

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Rune-lore & Seidr package

Would you love to understand the runes on a personal level, integrate them into your life, and perhaps weave them into a holistic healing practice?

Each month you can enjoy two Zoom classes, both focused on the same rune;

  • The teaching session- exploring the archetype and energy of the rune. Looking at how you can use this energy for personal development, and for working with others.

  • A lokk-seidr journey to experience the rune.

  • Free access to my online course, which I am writing to support this journey.

  • All Zoom sessions recorded (so you can re-watch/catch up).

  • Ongoing email support from me.

The course is 17 months long, and is a monthly subscription of £50. You can stop the subscription at any point if you find the course is not for you. You can also move to rune-lore only, or lokk-seidr only if you feel that is better for you.

You can have a feel for the online course by looking at the curriculum here. The course is circular- you start at any point, and simply keep going until you have finished!

If you prefer you could follow the online course on its own.

There is a monthly payment option, and I am building the course month by month as I teach.

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