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Enforcement is another area where, as we have explained, there has been a very significant and welcome change in the attitude adopted by the Commission. Again, its increasing willingness to make better use of its very wide powers has perhaps been a reaction to anticipated criticism rather than a recognition of the need to keep gambling operators compliant with their obligations

The relationship between a non-departmental public body and its sponsoring department is not always easy. In exercising its statutory functions, especially of licensing and enforcement, the Commission must be, and be seen to be, entirely independent. Yet DCMS, as the department with primary responsibility for gambling, also plays a major role.

As we have explained, the funding of the Commission is dependent on DCMS. On matters like the lowering of the maximum stake for FOBTs, the Commission can advise but only Ministers can act. We explain in Chapter 8 how the views of the Commission on the introduction of a mandatory levy have been disregarded by DCMS Ministers.


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