Online Shaman courses;

Maybe you need to do this work in your own time. Perhaps life is hectic, or you just don’t feel you want to join a zoom workshop at the moment. You may have done some workshops or healings with me- and want to deepen the work in your own time. 


I will be building a series of workshops here. Once you've purchased the module it's yours to use as many times as you need to- work through it in your own time. Re-visit it as you need to. Enjoy the journey, and enjoy the gentle self-awareness, healing and empowering as you look deeply into yourself. 

What is this work? Shamanism, shadow work, self-reflection- a little bit of all. 

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Find your power!

  • Explore your sacred inner fire as you deeply connect with your solar plexus (recorded journey 1)

  • Find and release limiting blocks with this mini soul retrieval (recorded journey 2)

  • Detailed, clear guidance on how to do the journeys, how to process anything you experienced, and then how to bring those lessons into the physical world. 

The price is £15- the course is yours  for as long as you want to work with it, and to re-visit the journeys as many times as you need to.  Once you have paid for the course I will email you the link to access the course (please check your PayPal email address)