What is a Spirit Guide?


I am sharing my experience- I am not claiming to have “absolute truths”, rather this is my working knowledge of spirit guides and power animals.


A Spirit Guide/power animal (I will refer to them as spirit guides whilst refereeing to both and explain the difference in time) is a non physical being who is guiding. Teaching, inspiring, or protecting you.

It is possible to connect with loved ones who are in physical form on this planet through shamanic work- however with out their permission it is not good practice, can cause complications, and they are not spirit guides as they still have physical form.

I consider Spirit guides and power animals the same type of energy. Its simply that spirit guides will have a more humanoid appearance- angels, deities, ancestors, people. Power animals are the animal energy- and may be Earth animals, or mythological animals.

 Neither one is better or worse- they are simply different. I prefer working with guides, others may prefer working with power animals.

Different types of Spirit guides;


This is a guide who is a part of your soul, a reflection of the core you. I believe we have two. One to represent the part of you that you are more comfortable with, one to represent your “shadow” or a part of you are still learning to accept.  In animal form this would be referred to as a Fyglia or power animal.

This can be a relationship of challenges and growth as working with your Patron will demand you step out of your comfort zone and reach into your place of potential and growth.

My shadow Patron is val- Freya. Freya in her warrior aspect. My clients and shaman teacher saw this warrior energy long before I was prepared to accept it for myself!



Along the way you may find certain guides are just a good fit. For me these are Frey, Arch Angel Michael, and Tyr. I find them comforting, strengthening, good company, and easy to work with. I know I am expected to “step up” when they are not around.  They always come back though- like good friends they last a lifetime.


These are guides that will move into your life when you need to learn something, and often move out again when the lesson is learnt.

Its can be a confrontational relationship, as you will need to step out of your comfort zone to learn with them. Growth is often difficult!

My main teacher is Odin- the Norse God of Shamanism. If he is present in a journey then I know I will be expected to do something, learn something new.


It is my experience that each of the Spirit Guides will have Power animals that are their alternate form. So sometimes  work with Odin, at other times a wolf or eagle.

How does working with Spirit guides help?

  • It helps you to better understand yourself. Especially working with Patrons or teachers. In the end all shamanic work is to better understand yourself, and these guides will reflect back your strengths and weaknesses to you helping you to step into your power.

  • You feel more “complete” I believe we all have spiritual helpers. Developing a relationship with them is natural, and it simply feels right.

  • They can help your with- psychic powers & intuition, protection, shamanic journeying, healing.

  • With time you can use them to look ahead at places, people, and situations. And lend your support to loved ones.

The Journeys

The Journeys I share are "path working" That means they have been used many, many times and have an energy pattern of their own. It makes it easier for you to connect. 

The journey through the woods is from my Norse path, the journey via the cave is from my Peruvian path.


When you are journeying relax, trust the process, remember you can do these journeys as many times as you need to.  Some people see, others hear, others just "know" trust the process, accept what you experience.

What if there is no-one there?

  • Remember to look up, look down, look carefully. 

  • Remember to listen!

  • In your mind call out, ask if anyone is stepping forward.

  • Just be still and wait. Sometimes patience is needed. This is a journey of self development- it takes time and pateince. 

Norse Spirit guides journey
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Peruvian spirit guide journey
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Ground & Protect
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