Rune-wisdom, and online course.

This is a course I am currently building, a rune at a month. Once purchased you have lifetime access, and you also help me to shape the course- let me know what you love, what you miss, and how I can improve!

There will be A LOT of information here (!), and it includes text, audio, led journeys, personal reflections, practical tools, retellings of the myths...


I am basically uploading my wisdom (over 20 years of studying the runes) and my experience (18 months training, 10 years working as a Norse shaman). 

More than anything I want it to make a difference to your life, to improve, empower, help you.

Whether you are taking the course to better understand yourself, for the pleasure of exploring the runes, or to empower any spiritual or holistic work you do- I am certain you will find much that will be of help.

The course is being built, month by month. so what you see now is only the start! The course also works in tandem with my lokk-seidr sessions via Zoom, or in the barns- so feel free to join me there if that suits as well. 

The Journeys

The Journeys I share are "path working" That means they have been used many, many times and have an energy pattern of their own. It makes it easier for you to connect. 

The journey through the woods is from my Norse path, the journey via the cave is from my Peruvian path.


When you are journeying relax, trust the process, remember you can do these journeys as many times as you need to.  Some people see, others hear, others just "know" trust the process, accept what you experience.

What if there is no-one there?

  • Remember to look up, look down, look carefully. 

  • Remember to listen!

  • In your mind call out, ask if anyone is stepping forward.

  • Just be still and wait. Sometimes patience is needed. This is a journey of self development- it takes time and pateince. 

Norse Spirit guides journey
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Peruvian spirit guide journey
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Ground & Protect
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