A shamanic circle focused on “becoming myself”

As we live our life we often adjust to  others needs and expectations, fitting in becomes a way of life. Sometimes we choose to do it for love, or commitment to a life path. At other times we do it as a way of survival.

This is a year long circle, using shamanic journeying (pathworking/deep meditation) all with the aim of bringing you back to yourself.

  • We meet monthly via zoom for a 2 hour session (recorded so if you can’t attend you can still take part).

  • Emailed notes before each session to help you journal, meditate, and facilitate your experience.

  • 10% off any 121 sessions you may choose to book with me (totally at your discretion)

  • Includes my monthly seidr group (recorded and sent if you are unable to join live) designed to support the focus for the month.

  • Private what’s app group for general chat, sharing of experience, and on-going  sharing between the group.

The payment is monthly, although the group works best for everyone if you are committed to follow through the year.

The group will be based on my practice and experience as a Norse shaman (I have been running similar groups for around seven years now) and will include some rune lore and reference to the runes. I will always offer this in a practical way so you can translate the information into whatever worldview/mythology/spiritual path you are following.


This group is perfect for you if;

  • You’ve already worked with me and would like to take it a little deeper.

  • You are drawn to meditation, shamanic work and are looking for support on your spiritual journey.

  • You are determined to better understand yourself, and are looking for guidance.

  • You are interested in, follow a pagan or spiritual path and are looking to connect with others.

In this circle I am not teaching so much as leading you on journeys so you can better understand for yourself. There will be some teaching woven in, but it is more about you seeing yourself clearly than me teaching you about you.

The sessions will include tools for self healing and empowering that you can weave into your life if you find them helpful.

January- The element of earth and the root chakra.

February- Finding inspiration

March-The element of air, journeying up the world tree

April-The element of water, and the sacral chakra

May- The world tree, and the heart chakra

June- Working with guides, and the third eye

July-Going up the world tree

August- Working with guides and the crown chakra

September- Travelling down the world  tree

October- Working with Ancestors

November- Releasing, and the throat chakra

December- The element of fire and the solar plexus.