A tarot reading illustrates the direction of your life from that one moment forward. It shows where your current plans, hopes, fears and thought processes could lead you. By reflecting on the cards you can make a conscious decision about how you are going to react to the people, problems and opportunities that arise in your life. Think of the tarot as a map, showing various possible paths. The final choice is always yours; but hopefully you can make a more informed choice.


As I talk with you I shuffle the cards, drawing three cards as a general start to the reading. I will then choose a spread most suited to your question, or perhaps you don’t have a question but simply want a general “life check-in”.


The reading is a discussion; your feedback during the reading is important to help clarify the issues. As we work through the reading I may draw other cards, or do more spreads, to help you explore specific questions.


I always check that you are comfortable with and understand what I am saying. Without exception my reading needs to leave you with more clarity or hope or happiness (hopefully all three!). If you have any worries or confusion after the reading, I will always offer email clarification. I am happy to email you photos of your reading, and any specific cards that were important.


You can enjoy a tarot reading with me:

* By telephone (you call my landline at a pre-arranged time).
* At my home (near Lewes in East Sussex).
* I am happy to travel locally for group bookings.
* For corporate events, fairs & parties please contact me for further details.

How does a Tarot card reading work?

By creating a sense of "hopeful expectation" (C.Jung).


The tarot cards are a tool that allow you to connect with your unconscious mind, or psychic ability/higher guidance depending on your belief system.

As an expert in tarot, I will act as your guide, translate the message for you, and support you as you understand how this fits into your life.


A tarot reading can help you to:


  • Find clarity in the chaos of life.

  • Make a decision when faced with a difficult choice.

  • Understand difficult emotions you may be dealing with.

  • Highlight blocks in your life (especially low self-esteem) and finding ways to overcome them.

A tarot reading does not predict the future...

I firmly believe the future is not fixed. A Tarot reading forecasts how your life is likely to develop based upon the hopes, fears and expectations you hold in your unconscious. It maps out likely possibilities if you like. After the reading I hope you will have more clarity about your life, and feel more empowered to make the choices right for you.


But how can it work by email?

All I need is an intention to connect from you, by asking me for the reading you are establishing that connection. 

Whether you right a full paragraph, or a single sentence, the intent and connection is what counts and my feed back from email readings is that they are as accurate and insightful as my face to face readings.