How I do my online tarot card readings

You may be surprised that I can do tarot card readings by email, thinking that you would need to be sitting with me for me to make a connection with you.

I have to admit I was surprised myself at first. I was asked to do a phone reading for a regular client who was away on business. I agreed to give it a go, and it was only at the end of the reading that we both realised just how clear the message from the cards had been.

Now online tarot readings are the foundation of my business and I like the clear focus of working by email, and the flexibility of fitting it into my schedule.

So how does it actually work?

You decide which is the right online tarot reading for you, contact me via my website letting me know your area of focus and/or question (you don’t have to have a specific question!). Pay using the pay pal button on my site. 

I receive your message from my website, and confirmation of payment. I email you to let you know I have everything I need (or ask if I need more clarification!) and schedule your reading into my work diary.

Settling down to email tarot readings…

Creating the space

I live in a busy house (4 home schooled kids and a husband) so the first thing I do is make myself a mug of tea and tell everyone I will be worked for the next few hours. Unless it is a genuine emergency I do not want to know. I have a lovely desk and comfortable chair so I shut the door, and settle down.

Next I get my tarot cards out (I read with the Rider-Waite deck & Druid-Craft), light a candle, use some Florida water to cleanse my aura and place my reading crystals for focus.

I like to spend a few minutes asking my guides to come close, and the universe that my readings my be of service and support to my clients.

I don’t think it really matters what you do at the start of a reading session, but I think developing a little ritual helps to create the calm focus needed to read tarot.

Creating a connection

I bring up the email I am going to read for & copy the focus or question into a new email. I clear my mind and read the name, the email and what ever has been written as I shuffle the cards.


As I am shuffling I am considering which is the best spread, how I can best help, what sort of reading would best provide the answers needed.

Then I simply lay the full spread out on my desk, next to the computer. I may continue laying new spreads on top of each other. Or gather the cards together and lay a new spread, depending upon whether it is one over all focus, or different questions.

The reading itself

I gaze at the tarot card reading and type as if I was talking. Luckily I am quite a fast typist! Words, connections, messages and stories come into my mind. The spread is simply a starting point. Something flows and I write it down, that’s the best description!

Finalising the reading

When I have finished I do need to proof read it, as I have often mis-spelt words, or need to add headings. I also need to make sure that it makes clear sense!

I like to name the key cards in the reading, I feel if you have bought a tarot reading you like to know which were the important cards for you. It also helps me if I read for you again, to build a pattern of the tarot cards that are repeated. I have an excellent memory for cards, but a terrible memory for names and faces!

Then I simply send the email.

If I am doing another reading I cleanse my aura with the Florida Water, clear the cards up and pop my crystals on them for a moment. I get up and walk around the room to stretch and change my energies. Then I start again.


I love doing online tarot readings, the direct connection is a powerful way to offer guidance and support.

I love the developing connection of reading for the same person as they grow and change.

I love the blank sheet of a name, a focus and a deck of tarot cards.

Einstein's desk - gives me hope!