What sort of  online tarot reader am I?

...and the tarot answered:

Queen of cups: Intuitive and nurturing 
Knight of swords: Direct and honest
The Sun: Always hopeful and optimistic

I believe a good tarot reader can always make a positive difference.

Tarot reader with 20 years' experience

I have been reading, studying, and enjoying tarot for more than 20 years - it always seems to have been a part of my life!

I have been reading, studying, and enjoying tarot for more than 20 years - it always seems to have been a part of my life!


I love studying, researching and connecting all the layers of symbolism, mythology and associations in each card. I have collected a whole library of books on tarot during my research, and have published three books on Tarot (currently writing my fourth)


I love retelling the stories behind each card through my teaching. After all these years, the cards almost seem alive to me, reflecting real people and parts of my life. This is the basis of my workshops - not learning by rote, but forming a personal understanding of the cards.

I believe tarot is a wonderful tool for guidance, inspiration, planning...and I am passionate about busting all those myths about "bad" cards and closed predictions that leave you feeling your life is mapped out and you are out of control.

I am delighted to be able to offer email tarot readings. It is wonderful to be able to offer Tarot help online, regardless of where you live!

Stav and shamanism

I have explored shamanism for many years, but I really found my path in 1999 when I met Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe on Sanday in the Orkney Isles. I moved to Sanday and immersed myself in shamanism, Norse mythology, the wisdom tradition of Stav as a personal student of Shaun.


After starting a family, I moved back to England, where I continue to work with shamanism. I work specifically with seid, using voice and the chant to weave a living sound, filling the soul with joy and allowing the consciousness to travel.


I currently run regular groups and work with individuals. I guide and facilitate shamanic journeying using a blend of Nordic and Druid techniques. 

I practise slow shamanism, it is a gentle, expansive, blissful journey. 

My shaman's journey is developing again...I am now working with Evelyn Brodie. Learning the powerful art of shamanic healing. This work is based upon the tradition of  the Peruvian Q'uero and blends perfectly with my Norse heritage.

I am currently offering shamanic healing to my students &  people I have worked with. I am looking forward to offering this  as a service in due time.

Email tarot readings, from the heart of Sussex

 "I just wanted to say thank you for your reading. I was astounded at how accurate it was and found it to be very helpful. You really have gift."

"Thank you so much for your insight! So much of it was spot on and explained the situation to a T! Decisions to be made indeed! :)

I will certainly come back"

I still find myself surprised to be offering email Tarot readings!

I started off reading for friends, then friends of friends, in a caravan in my garden. (Actually, I still do read from a caravan in my garden!)

Over the years clients found me from further afield, and asked if I could offer email Tarot readings. I was a little uncertain at first, but gave it a go.

I followed my normal routine. Cleansing the area with some Star-child incense. Calling my guides to come and stand with me (I work with the Norse God Frey, and St Germain) Then I shuffled, read and typed....

I do have to read back & edit, as I type so fast there are plenty of spelling mistakes. But I type as I speak- and customers who have had both face to face & email say the experience is pretty much the same.

Turns out I love email readings. I love the focus of the cards, just typing the wisdom that flows into me. Finding the story with in the card, and relating that to the problem at hand.

When can an email Tarot help?

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Confused by choices.

  • Difficult decisions

  • Planning & goal setting

  • Relationships.

  • If you need inspiration.

  • Finding hope, when life seems dark.

What can I ask?

​You can be really specific, and tell me about a relationship, work, family issue & I will try to offer as specific guidance as I can.

You can just tell me what area of your life is causing you stress; "love" "money" "family", and I will look for trends & possibilities for you.

I'm worried you'll spot problems...

Any problems I see where there any way! Being aware of them might help you to make better decisions, deal with the problems in a more constructive way.

I don't believe the future is fixed. You have the choice . If you see problems ahead you may make different choices- and avoid the problems all together!

If I do see problems I always use advice cards to offer extra guidance.

So do you predict the future?

Well- Yes, and No.

I predict the most likely future. The future path you are walking on right now.

I may well spot, and highlight different paths as well.

You may ask me to help you consider several different futures (what if I accept this job, or stay in my current job...)

Where you actually choose to walk though, that remains your choice.

An email tarot reading with me (or face to face if you are in Sussex) will leave you feeling;

  • Hopeful (there is always hope).

  • Clearer about choices.

  • More decisive about your life path.

I offer  a selection of  email tarot readings- take a look, and see which one  could most help you...

If you are uncertain abut booking an email tarot reading with me;

  • Read my reviews- they'll give you a flavor for how I read.

  • Take a look at my social media sites, they reflect my character well!

  • Book my 3 card "try me reading" for only £5 ($6). Try me out, see if i can help!

I look forward to reading for you,  Maddy


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