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Distant shamanic healing & personal audio journey - £70

Perhaps you want a healing, but would rather not have a session with me. Maybe life is really busy, you don't feel ready to share your story, or you have other people supporting you and just want a more distant support. 


The extra value of this session is you receive a personalised audio journey, which I will have created for you, and used myself during the healing. You can use this as many times as you need to, and I can tailor this to best meet your needs for example;

  • Chakra/energy clearing

  • Protection

  • Calm anxiety & stress

  • Support psychic awareness

  • Encourage sleep or rest

  • Connect with spirit guides

Once I receive your booking- and do let me know how I can best help you. I will email to let you know when you can expect your audio.

I will settle down, enter an altered state of consciousness, and journey for you. I will record an (approx.) 30 minute drummed & chanted journey which will have been a part of my healing for you.

I will then send you the audio, and an email with anything I experienced, and practical advice on how to integrate the healing.

You can book this as many times as you want, to build up a library of healing or teaching journeys. If you would like a longer recorded journey please email me to discuss cost.

healing & audio

Thanks for your order!

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