Littlington Faerie workshops.


The first moment I walked into Littlington Faeries I felt the energy of summer and sparkles all around me.  I am truly delighted to be able to offer workshops here.

The energy is light, elemental and joyful- I have tried to create workshops that really connect with the beautiful faerie energy. 

I have created  a series of 7 workshops....

A journey of healing through the chakras- using sound & crystals. 

Most people have heard of the chakras- but have you ever taken the time to really connect with yours? This is not a learning workshop teaching the concept of chakras.


This is a supported healing journey helping you to connect with each of your chakras.

Classically the chakras are 7 energy centres in the body. They can hold emotional wounds, tension and negative energy. When working well they can boost our vitality, joy and sense of wellness.

In each of the workshops I will focus on one chakra- using sound, visualisation, energy work and crystals to support your understanding and healing.

No previous experience is needed. It is helpful to come to all the workshops- but not necessary. Each workshop is a stand alone.

No need to bring anything, and you will also receive (included in the price) the appropriate crystal for you to continue this healing at home.

What actually happens?

We start with sitting to talk about the chakra we are focusing on- its associations and the role it plays in our health and well being.  I will invite you to check in with that chakra- how is it feeling?

Then you choose a crystal intuitively to work with for the session. Before we start the healing and meditation you settle down to be comfortable- some people prefer to lie down, others to remain seated.

I then lead a 45 minute healing meditation. Using gong, drum, word and other sound based instruments. I may invite you to use certain breath patterns, to visualise, or to connect with your crystal in a specific way.

Basically it is a sound based healing journey with crystals to inspire.

We then come together as a group to share any thoughts, or ask any questions. After that personally I meander to the tea rooms (possibly over the road for a soft drink at the pub if the tearooms are shut) and you are more than welcome to join me if you fancy a chat, cake & coffee.

The cost is £20, and the venue is small so please book ahead to secure your place.

If you love the idea and want to book all 7 “chakra healing journeys” then the cost is £120- meaning you get to attend one for free.

All of the dates are Saturdays, and the workshops run from 10-12

28th September- Root chakra

19th October- Sacral chakra

16th November- Solar Plexus

18th January- Heart chakra

15th February- Throat chakra

14th March-Third eye

18th April- Crown chakra

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