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When I started my tarot business I was shocked to realise the sheer amount of effort, and diversity of skills, needed to run a small business. 

Yes I loved reading tarot- but to make a sustainable living I also needed to run my passion as a business.  Suddenly I needed to explore, and learn really quickly, a host of new skills...

  • Social media

  • Advertising

  • Time management and taking bookings

  • Costing, profits, cash flow, and online payments

  • Accounting and tax (!!!)

  • Client care, and my personal safety working with clients

  • Website development

  • Copy writing

  • Branding, logo design, creating business cards

I needed to take my hobby of offering a handful of readings to friends, and create a successful fulltime business.

As I looked around for help it seemed to come in two forms...

  1. "let me give you the exact formulae you need to take your business to 10k a month, (include lots of details about passive income and embracing your inner Goddess) all for the rock bottom, super cheap price of (scroll through at least ten pages reminding me of the value of the package) to come to a price that is more than I spent on my car.  OR

  2. Solid, good, business advice- not no concept of the complexities of running a spiritual/holistic business.

I did skirt around the edge of a few of the high end coaches, I booked quite a few of the introductory calls. What bugged me was the formulaic nature of the packages (I wanted to be me, not copy and paste other people's copywriting) and the emphasis on profit, and often passive income. I wanted to provide a service, not just create an income.

I did book a few sessions with more "regular" business coaches, and definitely learnt a lot from them. But I was still missing that more nurturing approach, and someone that understood the complexities of my type of business. 

And so I created my  "Holistic pro- Supporting you" zoom group, to offer you the kind of support and guidance I think will make a big difference. 


  • The group runs monthly,  costs £20, and is recorded so if you can't join live you can watch the video.

  • You book for the sessions on a month by month basis- no contract or minimum sign in. I don't want to tie you into my group if it isn't helpful to you.  

  • I will cover a different topic each month focusing on working as an holistic professional (reader, healer, medium etc), and reflect the topics you most want me to cover (as long as its within my experience/skill set)

  • You can enjoy sharing others journeys, learning from their experience as they find new ways to solve problems.

  • You can ask the whole group for feedback ideas, and ask the questions you really want to ask (even if they seem basic or a bit stupid)

  • You can celebrate your successes with the group, and ask for help when its complicated or tough.

  • We can act as your accountability buddy- helping you to set clear targets that best suit you.

  • And you can build a practical set of skills and knowledge focused on running an holistic business.

Who is the group designed for? I designed to support Holistic professionals-

  • You are either aiming towards, or already are, charging (exchanging money, services, or goods) for your skills.

  • You are working in one of the "alternative wellbeing modalities"  This will include healers (energy, shamanic, herbal, crystal etc) and readers (tarot, oracle, mediums, psychics, pendulum, runes etc)

  • You are looking for focused support within a nurturing group.

I am not....

  • Promising to double your income in the first three months! 

  • Asking you to commit to, or sign up for anything. I have learnt the right people will keep working with me, others will move on to find the right teacher for them. 

  • Teaching the actual healing/reading skills in this group. This is to support the practitioner, and teach all the million other skills you will need to run your business or side-line.

Why do I feel I can offer this?

I have been working with the public for over eight years now, gradually building my business until it is fulltime, and has created a fulltime salary to support me and my children.

I started very small- a business card in local shops offering tarot readings, a monthly tarot workshop. I read at a few fairs. I started running a seidr (Nordic shaman) circle, and gradually my business grew. 

My strategy was to respond to what clients wanted, and to learn the business skills as I went. I read a lot about marketing, selling, business growth.  I analysed what clients bought from me and leveraged this to create a more successful business. I listened to what clients asked for, and where possible I offered it. 

I have had a lot of support and advice along the way. I have paid for business coaching here and there, I paid for my logo to be designed for me, and a good friend set up the first version of my website for me.  However I am a one woman business. I update (and have since redesigned my website) myself. My social media, YouTube channel, booking system... every part of my business is created and managed by me. 

That is why I feel able to offer this group. Because step by step I have created my successful business. I have shed a lot of tears a long the way, picked myself up from a lot of failures, and I would love to help make the journey for others a little smoother. 

If you fancy joining- the next session is on the  17/11 and you can book your place here.

"I am very grateful to have found Maddy, over the past few years she has taught me in the art of Tarot and guided me in her Shaman workshops. Always encouraging her students to step into their own power. It is a joy to grow and deepen my practice through her and the work I have done with her is invaluable to my personal self growth. Maddy is a truly intuitive Tarot reader who also possess profound psychic connection. Working with Maddy is always fun and welcoming. Maddy is very down to earth and she also has much intellectual wisdom to share about her craft. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."  Katey Rowland

"I attended Maddy's shamanic workshop on ancestral healing which was absolutely fantastic. She can really hold space beautifully. I felt completely supported, safe and excited. She has a talent for discussing issues that are at the forefront of my mind, uncanny! She is a wonderful teacher, so down to earth, funny and insightful. I found the workshop invaluable in understanding my journeys, as on my own I've sometimes really struggled to make sense of everything. Thank you Maddy"

Rosamund Burrett


"I have attended several of Maddy's tarot workshops and cant recommend her highly enough. She is so knowledgeable in all aspects of the tarot.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maddy either for a reading or workshop."


Sandra Hunnisett

"I am learning to read Tarot with Maddy, have had multiple readings and Shaman healing sessions.


She is a wonderful teacher, she is honest, direct and without judgement.


The healing sessions always stay with me for quite some time and she gives me tools and advice to take home, I never leave empty handed! To me, she is a magical woman! I definitely recommend Maddy as a reader, teacher and healer."   Jodie Temmerman

"On arriving, a little nervously, for my first group journeying circle with Maddy at the tranquil green grounds of Emerson College, I was first met by a pure white squirrel darting up a mature oak right in front of me - a lovely omen for the day to come.

I was warmly greeted by Maddy and my fellow attendees with a cup of tea and lots of smiles on the beautiful sunny Spring day - Summer had come to visit early!  Maddy quickly put any uncertainties aside by clearly setting out the structure for the day and explaining some of her approach and her work with the Norse Pantheon, as well as setting us all at ease by reinforcing that all our experiences would be different and that there was no right or wrong to be expected here.

Throughout the day, Maddy held the space warmly and with intention and clarity, and after each journey we were encouraged to share our experiences.  It felt deeply validating, inspiring and reassuring to hear about everyone’s journey experiences and gave me the confidence to speak my own.  The talking component was really useful in terms of giving greater context, clarity and insights to the journey experiences we’d had.  We were also encouraged to take notes which I look forward to referring to in time to revisit my experiences of the day.

Maddy graciously closed the sacred space at the end of a bountiful day and I feel we all walked away richer and wiser, with insights into our selves and the many amazing places we can travel given the time and space, and a knowledgable facilitator who shared her wisdom freely and eloquently.

I gained much rich imagery to contemplate, and tools to take with me on future journeys or meditations, and am deeply thankful to Maddy for holding such a welcoming and encouraging space in which to engage with the beautiful and complex worlds you can encounter through journeying - I would encourage anyone curious or experienced with journeying to join Maddy for a lovingly held and rewarding experience." Jenny Claire