"Tarot- A life guided by the cards"


If you are in the UK you can buy your book direct from me.

When I sell on Amazon Amazon takes 30% of the cover price. My publisher takes 15% of the cover price (despite the fact that I paid upfront for editing, type-setting etc) and I still have to cover the cost of printing. This means if I do a print run and sell on Amazon at £13.99 I make a loss on each book!

So I am raising the price on Amazon to £14.99, which makes me a 40p profit per book. So if you are outside of the UK then Amazon is the best place to purchase from.

So if you want a paper copy (e-books are better margins, and best bought via Amazon) and you live in the UK please buy here.

I will honour the £13.99 price, and include free postage.

Please (I am trying to make the cost work for both of us here)


  • Transfer the money using PayPal friends and family so that I don't have any extra PayPal costs to the account maddycoppin6@gmail.com.

  • Ensure the postage address is listed with your account, or include it in the notes when you transfer the money.

  • If you live local feel free to pop by and purchase it with cash.

  • If you'd rather pay via bank transfer then just email me to let me know.

  • I feel kind of odd saying this- but happy to sign books if you want me to, or send as a gift if you include a different address in the notes when you send the money by PayPal.