Online Shaman Workshops

I was surprised when I offered my first "skype shaman healing session" a regular client who couldn't travel asked me. I said I'd give it a go- and the connection was just as valid as if she was lying on my massage table. 

So this is me- confronting my panic about technology and sharing shaman circles and workshops online.  Intime I will build a complete calendar- I am developing this side of my business and I am excited!

Shaman circles

A gentle place to connect, journey, share experiences and practice entering an altered state of consciousness.

At the moment these are all drum led meditations (similar- but longer and deeper than my taped ones). In time I will be leading Norse Seidr sessions by zoom as well- I am currently getting the format right with experienced students.

3rd June, 7.30pm (BST) £6

Led meditation- with drum, connecting to the world tree for healing and inspiration. A time to share, ask questions and reflect afterwards. 

Shaman Workshops

These are structured to help you deepen your experience of one element of the shamanic journey. There is a little more "teaching" involved- but still mostly practical. 

I will be adding more dates and topics- you can dip in and out- each workshop is a complete module. Each module is created to weave together and create a cohesive whole.


30th may 7pm-9pm (BST) Find your power! £25

A workshop focused on clearing and nurturing the solar plexus (through journey rather than energy healing) and connecting you with a self limiting block which you can then release and learn from.

This is a workshop about recognising your own power-it will include emailed handouts to help you integrate the work in your own life after our workshop.

Portrait of a shaman dancing with a drum