Online Shaman Workshops

Can shaman workshops work via Zoom? I was surprised when I trialled them with some regular students at just how well they work!

Over a year later, I am loving them!

Each workshop includes:

  • A led shamanic journey (which I use lokk-seidr, or Nordic chanting to lead)

  • A chance to share/discuss the experience afterwards. Not every one feels drawn to chat afterwards, so there will be a pause and you can log off at this point if you would rather journal/self nurture.

  • Each journey will include some general healing/clearing/balancing work as well as journeying to explore a particular element/aspect of shamanism.

  • I will touch upon the rune/archetypal energy we are working with during the journey, and share some practical ideas about the relevance of the journey- helping to put it into context.

  • The workshop is recorded in case you can't join live, or would like to repeat the journey.

Who are these workshops designed for? They are perfect if you are....

  • Interested in shamanism, and looking for regular practice.

  • Looking to develop your understanding of yourself, and to build a working relationship with spirit guides and power animals.

  • Seeking a regular group to pause the mundane world and connect deeply with others in a magical way.

These workshops work well as stand-alones, but can also be integrated into more in-depth teaching. If you are interested in "deep-diving into the runes"- which includes Lokk-seidr and rune-lore take a look here.

2022... Taking the time to connect with the wheel of the year.

Most of the sessions take place on a Wednesday evening (UK time) there may be odd changes to accommodate holidays.

January j Thor, fire and the solar plexus.

February b Frigg, Imbolc, earth and the root chakra. 

March  n The Norns, patterns, fate, and the web of orlog.

April l Njord, water, and the sacral chakra.

May  f Freya, May Day, working with power animals.

June  s Balder, working with guides and allies.

July  u Vidar, protection, grounding, boundaries.

August o Odin, inspiration and the crown chakra.

September t Tyr, speaking your truth, and the throat chakra.

October l Loki, change, inspiring change, allowing change. 

November r Hel, ancestors and finding our place in the lineage.

December f Frey, Healing, and finding peace.

This is just a brief introduction to the years workshops. I will be adding more information as time allows. 

Portrait of a shaman dancing with a drum
Silhouette  of a man in lotus meditation
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