Online Shaman Workshops (Lokk-Seidr)

Can shaman workshops work via Zoom? I was surprised when I trialled them with some regular students at just how well they work!  Over a year later, I am loving them!

What happens?

I start with a little chat exploring the focus for the session, with a chance for you to ask any questions. Then I talk you through a led meditation/journey, using a Nordic chant at times to deepen the experience. Afterwards there is a chance to share and discuss any thing we experienced, but if you don't feel like sharing that is absolutely fine.

Most people find the experience relaxing, calming and peaceful. It can help you to understand yourself better, and deepen any psychic/spiritual connection you have- especially with power animals, spirit guides and ancestors.

I usually include a healing chant to help balance the chakras and clear any energetic blocks.

Shamanic work isn't just about attending a workshop or reading a book. It is a practice to be woven into your life, these monthly gatherings are a space for just that. Regular practice, shared with others, with a little teaching woven in.

My workshops include a little rune-lore, but if you are less interested in the runes don't worry- its very practical and you can integrate the teaching in whatever way best works for you. The main focus is the journey.

This is created for you if...

  • You love led mediation, and are looking to share the experience with others.

  • You are stressed, or overwhelmed, and find meditation helps.

  • You are curious about the runes and want to experience their energy.​

  • You are interested in shamanism (Lokk-seidr) and want to develop a regular practice.

  • You are looking to deepen your psychic/spiritual connection.

Each journey is recorded, and you will automatically receive a recording of the journey- so you can repeat it as many times as you like. The journeys run monthly, and you can book the ones that interest you. Or subscribe and pay monthly (cancel at any time) and never miss a journey with me. Each workshop costs £18. 

2022... Taking the time to connect with the wheel of the year.

Most of the sessions take place on a Wednesday evening (UK time) there may be odd changes to accommodate holidays.

March  n The Norns, patterns, fate, and the web of orlog.

April l Njord, water, and the sacral chakra.

May  f Freya, May Day, working with power animals.

June u Vidar, protection, grounding, boundaries.

July  s Balder, working with guides and allies.

August o Odin, inspiration and the crown chakra.

September t Tyr, speaking your truth, and the throat chakra.

October l Loki, change, inspiring change, allowing change. 

November r Hel, ancestors and finding our place in the lineage.

December f Frey, Healing, and finding peace.

This is just a brief introduction to the years workshops. I will be adding more information as time allows. 

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