In the end Shamanism is my first love, it came before Tarot and is the basis of all that I do. 

I believe living shamanically is simply about being fully aware of how connected we are- to each other, the earth, and the non-physical world.

All of the workshops require a £20 deposit to reserve your place- you'll find a pay now button on the in-depth page for each workshop. If you can't use pay pal please email me for alternatives.

The workshops are at the Old barns off the A26 between Lewes & Uckfield.  You will need a light lunch & snacks- teas & coffee available through out the workshop.

Each workshop costs between £55-£65 depending on your income. I ask for a deposit to secure your place (I only run small groups) and then pay the rest on the day. If you can afford £65 please pay this- you are supporting someone else in a less well off situation. 

If you read through these workshops and would like to come to all four (and together they make an amazing package) then please email me & I can offer you a slight reduction for booking all four and a combined deposit rate as well. 

June 30th- An introduction to Shaman healing.

Curious about what actually happens in a shaman healing, how it can help and why you would go?

This workshop is a perfect balance of lots of time to ask questions and hear about the process and my experiences- with plenty of time to experience some shamanic healing within the group. I will lead you on a deeply healing shamanic journey and teach some very practical healing techniques which you can continue to use at home. There will be chanting, drumming, and gonging along the way.

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July 28th- Spirit guides & power animals.

This workshop is perfect if you are curious to find out who your guides are, or are looking to deepen your relationship with the guides you already know. 

My experience is we all have guides, and they can be extremely helpful in life. Whether yours is an animal, Elder from a specific tradition, angel, ancestor or deity I will help you to find them. I will lead you on various journeys (with drum and gong) and then have some practical techniques (which you can continue using at home) to help you really connect. 

I can not promise you will find your spirit guide- but if you continue to use the techniques at home you will be able to form a relationship with your guide in good time.  As you might imagine with my workshops there will be time to chant and chat as well.

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I am radically changing how I teach shamanism-more to follow soon


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