Monthly Tarot & Shaman gatherings, in the Barns

Each month, on a Sunday afternoon, I run two workshops- one focused on Tarot, then a break for coffee, snacks and a chat. Then I run a shaman workshop.

Both are quite suitable for complete beginners (you don't even need your own Tarot set), or experienced practitioners looking to deepen your connection.

The workshops are designed to compliment each other, but you are welcome to only attend one if that suits you better.

I also run various other Shaman groups, and at times will run more focused Tarot workshops- so make sure you scroll down to see everything I offer.

Tarot & Tea

Each month I cover a specific topic, and include full handouts so you don't need to worry about writing notes.

Then we split into small groups to have a go at reading the the Tarot, whilst I offer as much support as is needed. Don't worry about reading for others, you do not have to directly read for someone if you don't want to, rather pitch in with thoughts and ideas as you feel comfortable.

Of course one benefit is- everyone gets to have a Tarot reading!

There is fresh (rather good coffee), herbal teas, and a chance to ask as many Tarotish questions as you want.

The group does not cover the meanings of individual cards- but you could always take a look at my e-books  or my online courses.

The workshop costs £15, and runs from 3-5vpm Monthly on a Sunday. (The cost for Tarot &Shaman workshops is £30)

September 24th Design your own Tarot Spread. I will demonstrate how I take a clients question and create the right spread for their question. I will share my "work horse" spreads that I use time & time again, and show you exactly how to use extra cards to always find the information you need.

October 29th Healing the Ancestors,

Third party readings.

Understanding the relationships around you (family, love, work, friendships) using the tarot. 

I actually do a lot of these readings, and they can be very helpful. Come along & have a go!

Shaman's Workshop

Each month I lead a workshop exploring



For me shamanism is the ability to connect with the non physical reality (whether you consider that to be your own higher guidance, or spirit guides is really up to you) & use that experience to make changes, gain knowledge, inspiration, healing. Whatever is needed.

I hold a very safe & gentle space, and will talk you through everything we are doing. 

I may use the drum, chanting, breathing exercises, visualization- these are all tools to help you change your awareness. To make connections to the "other world"

There is a chance to discuss our experiences with in the group, and I always offer clear guidance as to how to best understand & integrate your experience. 

The group costs £20 (£30 if you attend both) and runs from 7-8.30 (ish)

September 24th How to ask for help, and how to understand the answers!

I will open sacred space & lead you on a journey to meet your guides. 

We will then do a led meditation to try and understand any information received.

October 29th Transformation!

At this powerful time, as the wheel turns, I invite you all to release whatever is not serving you & step into your power.

A ritual celebration of release & Transformation.

Upcoming Dates;

November 19th

December 10th (sound journey & healing with gong bath)

January 21st

February 18th

March 18th

To ensure you place is booked you can pay a £10 deposit. I will email you to confirm receipt & ask which workshop you have booked.

Shaman's Gate

My Shaman's circle runs twice a month.

  • Open Circle- on the first Wednesday of the month

  • Teaching circle - on the third Wednesday of the month

Both sessions- welcome from 7pm, starts at 7.30 & costing £10.

The Open Circle is  a gentle space, suitable for the complete beginner and the experienced practitioner looking to share the journey.

I will drum and lead a journey- leaving space for you to explore the shamanic lands. There will be chanting (no need to join in, but most people do!), breathing exercises, and other techniques- all designed to help you to still the monkey mind and connect to- your wiser self, your guides, the Divine, whatever it is you feel you are connecting with.

The Teaching Circle is through invitation only.  I will teach various aspects of shamanism & shamanic healing, drawing on my Druid, Norse & Peruvian training.

 It is a perfect space to start your shamanic journey, or to commit to learning in at a deeper level.

There is an expectation that you will commit to coming to this group regularly. If you are drawn to this please contact me, I will need to have had a 1-2-1 session with you before you are invited to the group. 

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