Everyone of these testimonials is genuine, but perhaps you'd like to double check. Get a real feel for who I am?  I am blessed with wonderful clients who leave reviews for me- head to my google page to find some more here 

 Maddy is a rare find – an amazingly accurate tarot reader who is down to earth and honest in her approach.
Kind but straight talking, you can ask her anything and she will give you helpful advice.
She has helped me with many issues, and I trust her above all other tarot readers (and I’ve seen a few!!)
Rachel Burge Author of The Twisted Tree

"I can't recommend Maddy highly enough.

Her readings are so clear and she is so knowledgeable on the cards, it's fascinating to watch her at work. She has such a passion for tarot and is so genuine that when she started running her online tarot course, I jumped at the chance to learn from her.

It's been brilliant and tarot has now become an important part of my life. Thank you Maddy."

Anna Pearce,      Anna Pearce Healing & Learning

Having a session with Maddy is like having a direct phone connection with my Inner Wisdom.

During the time I spent with Maddy I have been truly amazed and stunned by the way she channels and articulates so clearly, directly and eloquently that what I already know deep down inside but haven’t been able to clearly own myself because of all the chatter going on in my mind.

Thank you Maddy for being such a clear guidance and light and helping me clear my old programmes running and replaying and trusting my own intuition and wisdom.


Luna Surya Joy.


Maddy is a compassionate and insightful tarot reader. Each time I have had a reading she has helped to guide and clarify my visions and decision making process.

Maddy has an intuitive way of seeing what is beneath the surface and bringing that to light .

I always come away feeling clearer

Adi  Howarth, Hummingbird Homeothopy

Maddy always provides such spot on, accurate readings, it's as if she's been living the situation with you.

She is Intuitive, pragmatic, honest, in tune, professional, with no stone unturned. Maddy will go the extra mile to ensure all your queries and concerns are addressed. Advice is always given in an honest, respectful, diplomatic beautiful manner. Maddy also pulls from a wealth of experiences, disciplines and insights, therefore reading are always wholesome, relevant and holistic.

Tracey Younghusband

Well, what can I say... I first met Maddy a couple of years ago and immediately felt that here was a woman I would like to know better and learn from. Her readings were so supportive and entirely in keeping with my experience. When you get a reading from Maddy it is not about foretelling the future but more about helping you understand what is happening in your life and advice about how best to handle the situation. 
When the opportunity arose I enrolled in her course and it gave me what I had been struggling to grasp for a long time, an intuitive understanding of the cards in a spread, the story they were telling. The best thing about Maddy is that she teaches and reads the cards in such a graceful and natural way which leaves each one of us feeling more positive and confident. Needless to say she is now my friend as well as my teacher.

Michele Findlay

"Maddy is an amazing lady, so very gifted but at the same time so humble. 

I found her Tarot reading to be of great help to me, and most relevant.  A talented & gifted reader. x

May I offer you warm blessings for your work & life.


I am very blessed to receive feedback through email from my clients, many of whom have been having readings for several years with me now.

 "I just wanted to say thank you for your reading. I was astounded at how accurate it was and found it to be very helpful. You really have gift."

"Thank you very much for your reading. You are right about everything you said."

"Dear Maddy
Thank you for such an in-depth reading - I really appreciate it.
You have definitely hit the nail on the head in so many areas and I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I realise that I have to work hard to achieve success but I am more than willing to do so.
Once again, many thanks.
Kind regards"

"You are amazing and I love the way you do your readings."

"Fantastic, thank you Maddy! All sounds v apt, all makes a lot of sense xx"


             Thanks so so much for going over and above with this reading ! Really amazing stuff ! You've really helped me decide on moving forward with this." 


"I love your way with the cards - I'm absolutely hooked and I will without a doubt get another reading from you soon. So sorry this is a short message but just a quick one to say thanks and I shall be in touch soon ! 


Well wishes ! "

"thank you that really does help :) xxx"

"Many thanks for the reading, it was a pleasure to wake up and read such an uplifting spread 


You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I hope it's ok to feedback with my specifics so as to give an insight into how the reading was so on point..."

"I can thoroughly recommend Maddy for a truly in depth reading. I had a reading a couple of weeks ago and found it extremely helpful. I sent my daughter along a few days later. Well worth the investment. Many thanks Maddy. Xx"


I loved that reading it's filled me with joy and right on the nail about a lot of points.

Thank you so much"

"I have had several readings with Maddy over the years and they have always been accurate, heart-centred and full of tangible information"


"Thank you for this reading, it is very thorough"

"You have an amazing talent n I'm glad I came across u xx
I let me friend read my reading from you, she's a very practical person...but was wowed! "

"I loved my reading with Maddy Elruna. I live in the United States 🇺🇸 and had heard that Britishs Mediums were spot on. She was and yet with loving guidance she helped me to find away to move forward with peace and healing love in my heart ❤️I will be using her again and will share her name with my friends"

"Thank you so much maddy. Made me cry this reading. So very accurate and true. You hit all the issues for both me and my partner :( and your guidance was what I knew was needed, I just needed support and a little insight! 

Thank you my love xx "

"Hi Maddy, Just wanted to thank you so much for my reading. I was a little apprehensive about the reading but I needn't of worried. You were so spot on with everything in my life at present & you helped confirm what I already know. Love & Light.xxx"


"very cool reading for Clients Wife, I mean you got the whole thing so perfectly. I had forgotten how good you are, was nice to wake up to a bit of magic, (read it early this morning)."          

" just wanted to say a big thank you for the reading, it is pretty much spot on for me, I keep reading and referring back to it and thought shoot, I need to thank Maddy! Thanks once again."

"Thank-you for your reading, it was enlightening"

"Hi maddy 

The reading reflects my life at present...roll coaster fits well! 

You are dead on the mark re my business plans!  (removed personal details)

So just from the brief above u can see you have hit all the points! 

Well done you! 

Thank you for the reading and your time:) it's helped me see I'm going the right way!"

"Thanks for this Maddy! Yes, interesting stuff... and reassuring."


"What a great session I had with Maddy! It really helped me to connect with where I am, and where I am heading, explore decisions, see my priorities and connect with my life vision and soul's whisperings. Maddy is clearly well experienced and attuned with tarot as a tool - and combined with her light, warm spirit and strong intuition she offers a welcoming, safe space for reflection and counsel. I also really appreciate the shamanic aspects of Maddy's practice and I look forward to exploring this further with her. Thanks again Maddy! xxxxx"       

“Maddy reads and teaches with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. I’ve found her readings to be very accurate and her course is the only one (I’ve tried a few!) that actually makes sense. It’s competitively priced, fun and informative but also delves into the psyche of the self. I’ve learnt and retained so much more with Maddy. I highly recommend her.”

J.P.K. Counselling, Psychotherapist 

"Wow! Thank you so much Maddy. It was indeed a real pleasure meeting you. You are a special lady, with such a gift which I know is hard-won! Thank you for sharing it. I drove away feeling more peaceful and calm than in a long time. The focus was so clear and I'm genuinely looking forward to the journey."


"Thanks maddy for the reading today!! May the force be with you!" O.

"To be taught tarot by someone who has so much knowledge and experience is such a smart way to learn. maddy makes the class interesting and fun. I wouldn't accept anyone else to take her place, I am hoping these classes go on for a very long time!"

H.N   Uckfield

"Maddy Elruna runs a wonderfully relaxed and fun tarot reading class. She is a very experienced tarot teacher and is extraordinarily patient even with a complete novice like me!"

P.B. uckfield

"I was so profoundly moved by the class last week and how you channeled such a powerful reading for E. and held a very supportive space for her. She felt very cared for and I really want to honour and acknowledge the safe container you made when some very strong messages came through the cards. I find your classes to be a wonderful, interesting and stimulating learning environment, the very detailed and helpful handouts you so generously give and the exchange between all the participants left me feeling deeply grateful to have found a guide like you."


"Oh my goodness, thank you Maddy.  Once again you have amazed me with your insight"

"Hi Maddy,

Thank you for my reading, it was all so clear and accurate so thank you"

"Just an update on what you have sent me, on two points that you have read, you were spot on!! (Based on todays events)"

"Maddy has a seemingly bottomless knowledge of the tarot which makes both her readings and teachings very insightful and in depth."

J.S., Crowborough  

"thank you so much. that is exactly what's going on."

"Thanks so much!  This is fab... confirmed my gut feeling about both"


"I contacted Maddy for a reading as need to have some guidance in my life, her reading was very accurate with genuine warmth and honesty. Would highly recommend her for those that need some clarity in their life."  E.R.

"Oh my goodness!  How amazing you are!  This is so accurate about us."

"Was recommended to Maddy by a friend. My reading was spot on and would recommend Maddy to others."  K.W.