A Tarot reading helps you to understand what is happening in your life, and find the best way forward. 

Think of a tarot reading like a map- you can explore different options and find which path is best for you. It is more than predicting the future- it is predicating where different choices could take you.

A tarot reading can help you put things in perspective, to see the solutions when all you saw where problems. They can help you to see where you are blocking your choices. (the future is not fixed- but so often our minds are)

My readings can be very practical, deeply emotional, or spiritual- depending on what you need. But most of all I always aim to be accurate and helpful.

I can read for relationships, family, friends and co-workers. Not to pry, but to help you better understand what is happening. It is amazing how understanding another persons perspective can make a real difference. 

If you would like a Tarot reading with me there are two ways we can connect;


Email tarot readings

Email readings can be a quick answer in times of real need, a quick check in to an answer you need to know, or the chance to have a long in-depth reading.

The joy of an email reading is you can print it out, and take your time to read, and re-read it. 

With prices ranging between £12 and £75 there is something for everyone here.

Face to face (and virtual face to face!)

Perhaps you prefer to talk through a reading, ask for clarification as you go, checking you have all the answers you need. 

I have one easy to use calendar where you can book your time slot, and pay for your reading all in one place. 

All of the appointments can be for face to face (TN22 5UG), phone, skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger.

It can be hard finding the right Tarot reader, knowing who to trust. You can read my Google reviews here to get a flavour of what other people think.

"Wonderful to see Maddy and get some clarity in your head when all about you is blinding fog. I now feel like the sunshine has come out and precious energy will not be wasted. Thank you Maddy for sending me on the right path and not a blind alley"  Debra Beck