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Tarot In-depth, 5

The logical, but slightly dark suit of swords!

As a Tarot reader- for myself, or a client, these are the most helpful group of cards.

They happily alert us when we are sabotaging our own life, or allowing others to sabotage it.

Try to visualise each sword as a thought or word- and you'll find it can make a real difference to reading these cards.

OK- full disclosure, I love the suit of swords, and love swords as a whole!

In my time I have taken fencing pretty seriously, and done a fair amount of sword fighting along the way. 

If you want a "full" swords experience then perhaps watch "The Princess Bride" for some of the best sword fighting scenes in any movie, or maybe a few episodes of "The Last Kingdom" to see how much a sword can mean to a person.

Swords would have been monumentally expensive, and actually quite hard to learn. It is far easier to use either a staff, or bow and arrow.

And I link this to the power of words. Words seem cheap, we can just speak without really thinking- yet words really can cause a lot of damage.  My degree is in education, and my final dissertation was on the impact of a teacher's use of words on a child. I found out that one of the best ways to predict a child's education is to ask their teacher- because if a teacher believes a child will succeed they will use language to empower and motivate them- where as a teacher who expects you to fail, who doesn't believe in you- that is a hard trap to escape.

We can curse with our words, just as easily as with magic. And when I had my children my research into this topic was so meaningful to me I never sent my children to school.

In the end the words we listen to, the thoughts we hold onto, they sink into our unconscious. And what we hold in our unconscious holds a blueprint of the life we are manifesting.

Yes manifesting works- but beware of all the self limiting beliefs, the thoughts you have forgotten, that are now creating blocks to hold you back.

As part of this module on the suit of swords I am creating a logical symbol dictionary. Now this is only a start- it is too bigger a project to rush- but I'll share updates with you as I go....

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