Deeply Rooted- A gentle Journey of sound and shamanic journeying.

In the end Shamanism is my first love, it came before Tarot and is the basis of all that I do. 

I believe living shamanically is simply about being fully aware of how connected we are- to each other, the earth, and the non-physical world.

All of the workshops require a £20 deposit, please pay here & email to confirm which workshop you are attending.

The workshops are at the Old barns off the A26 between Lewes & Uckfield.  

Deeply Rooted- A Sound Journey.

April 7th, 2-5, £35 (£20 deposit)

I am working with Sounds Mystical to create a relaxing, nurturing and inspiring afternoon.

The focus of the afternoon is to let go (with sound, breath, and visualisation) the every day stress that can crowd in and leave us overwhelmed and confused.

I will start by leading you on a  healing shamanic journey- first to gently connect with the root and crown chakra. Then to connect with the inner fire that is the Solar Plexus. Our Solar Plexus helps us to feel like ourselves. To shine with an inner light, to feel powerful yet whole at the same time.


After a short comfort break, the experience will resume with Sounds Mystical leading you on a deep journey of sound. Using a variety of soothing instruments, you will be taken to a space where you will experience a gong bath, before being led back again with the use of the other instruments. Gongs are powerful instruments which can induce an effortless meditative state, and can be deeply healing.


From this deeply relaxed and centred state I will help you to connect with your power animal or spirit guide. A deep working relationship with your power animals is a comfort and strength in  "everyday life". A way of bringing some extra support back into your everyday world.

This is perfect for you if;
• You love the sense of deep peace from group meditation and gong baths- and are looking for something a little longer or deeper.

• You find meditation or shamanic work difficult to focus on- combing this with gongs really helps!

• Life is quite stressful and busy right now- and you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

• You would like some clear inspiration from your higher guidance.

• This work will include connecting with power animals- if you’ve always fancied working with (or finding your) power animal- then this would be a great workshop for you.

• Or perhaps you are just looking for some deep, restorative “me” time.

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