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What's Holding me back

We all have self limiting blocks. This workshop will help you to bring yours into the light- and start to overcome them!

Using tarot to start with (don' worry if you have never worked with tarot before- I have decks you can borrow and will help you to make sense of the cards!) we will reflect on what you would love to do.

Then I will lead you on shamanic journeys to help release those blocks.

If you have issues with confidence, anxiety, or just not quite feeling like yourself- this is a great workshop for you. 

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Let's Talk about Money

How do you feel about money? Does lack of money, or fear about money hold you back from really enjoying your life?

So often we have messed up emotions about money, and that leads to messed up bank balances!

Using tarot, shamanic journeying, and exercises to work with the chakras I will help you to untangle your emotional connections with money so you can enjoy a lot more abundance in your life!