New moon in Taurus- new moon magic....

This is a wonderful time to explore the areas of self care, finances, security, love and relationships.

Always start with letting go, a release. making room in your life for new energy.  Write a list, bullet points- what are you letting go of?

A little practical magic goes a long way- declutter an area of your home. A desk, bookshelf, wardrobe. Pass some items on to others- enjoy the feeling of abundance and  generosity. Even if its a pot plant, enjoyable book or crystal- gift something. 

Now make room for the dream- what is it you are creating in your life? You might like to create a vision board, a doodle, a list, a descriptive paragraph. Put good music on, allow plenty of time, really emotionally connect with this dream. How will it make you feel?

Time to get your practical head on. As you look at your dream- find 5 practical things you can do to start to bring that dream to life. They may be only small steps, but they are steps.

Keeping very focused- commit to when you are going to do those steps in your diary, and for number 6 in your to do list, commit to creating another 5 practical steps. 

try it now text write on paper .jpg