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How I can help you- working as a Tarot reader and Shaman healer....

All of my appointments can be for Tarot, Shaman, or a mix of both. They can be in person (TN22 5UG), via zoom, skype or phone.

It can be hard to understand exactly how a Tarot reading or Shaman healing can help, so I've tried to explain how I work, and how it can best help you. 


All of my appointments can be for Tarot, shamanism, or a mix of both. No need to decide before hand, just see what best suits you on the day.

 As a tarot reader I can offer you..

  • A traditional psychic tarot reading- picking up on what has been, the people in your life right now and the likely future. A great way to make informed choices about your life, and a key part of most of my readings.

  • A more “coaching” type tarot reading- The Tarot is a very effective tool for highlighting how you are sabotaging plans, sorting out muddled thoughts, and helping you to find the best solution to complex problems.  Whether a personal project or business guidance- let me help you find the most effective way forward. 

  • A “counselling” style of reading, using the cards to reflect how you are feeling, and helping you to understand how others in your life are feeling. If life is difficult let me help you through these times with gentle tarot readings and intuitive guidance.

There is no need for you to decide, my reading style naturally fits your needs and often slips between the different styles even in one booking.  

Working as a shaman healer possibly needs a little more explanation…

Online -after a chat to explore how I can best help you, I  will chant to enter an altered state of consciousness and then "journey" to offer you healing on an energetic and soul level.

I usually ask you to relax and focus on your breathing, releasing any tension from your body or thoughts and emotions as they come to you- it often feels like a deep meditation.

After the chanting I will discuss anything I experienced during the session with you, and suggest how you can best integrate the healing into your life.

If you come to me (near Lewes in East Sussex) I will do everything listed above (though I may use my drum instead of chanting). I can also use my gong, tuning forks and rattle to incorporate sound healing into our session.


How will you feel?

Usually during a healing I ask you to focus on your breath, and consciously relaxing your body.  Most people find the experience deeply relaxing- like a calming meditation.

If you are visual you may see images that reflect the experience, memories, emotions, colours, waves of energy. Some people have deeply spiritual experiences, others feel deeply calm and relaxed with no specific "experiences". 

You may have tears, you may feel aches and pains as you relax muscles that have been tense for a long time, often people feel tired afterwards.

My aim is to ensure the healing is comfortable, relaxing and feels totally safe for you. You can stop at any point, or ask me questions about anything.

So how can this help you?

  • If you are living with anxiety, overwhelm, low self esteem, or simply struggling with life a healing can help bring a sense of calm. People describe feeling “lighter” as if a weight is lifted or their mind is clearer. (Similar to “illumination work”)

  • I can find self-limiting beliefs, and help to re-write them with your higher guidance. We all work with self-limiting beliefs to some degree or another, but at times it can literally feel as if we are fighting with ourselves, our past, to overcome things that have happened to us. This is similar to a “soul retrieval” and can make a practical difference to all areas of life.

  • Psychic daggers, energy clearing, chakra balancing and psychic protection. Many of us find we are “under attack” at sometime in our lives- and often hurtful words leave imprints in our aura which can make life feel “heavy”.  I can work with you energetically to remove any intrusions or negative energy which can include your negative thoughts, psychic attack and curses, and entities.

  • Shadow work- helping you to understand parts of yourself that are hidden. This can include ancestral work, contracts, as well as self limiting beliefs and emotional wounds.

  • I can also work with your spirit guides, ancestors, power animals, and past lives if that seems appropriate.

In general my work can help people feel more "complete", more grounded, balanced and connected to life.

My role isn’t to decide before hand which shamanic approach you most need. I journey through chant or drum and do the work as best guided by your spirit guides/higher guidance.


Booking to work with me…


All of my appointments can be tarot, shamanic, or a blend of both (though this is a stretch for 30 minutes, and hour is ideal for a blended session.

You don’t need to decide ahead whether you want tarot or shamanic healing- I can offer some suggestions at the start of our session.

I charge based on time- simply book the best slot for you. Decide if you’d rather work via phone, zoom or face to face (at my workplace in East Sussex) then I will guide you through our time together.

Still not sure? Take a look at my Google reviews here to see what others have said.