I run monthly in-person workshops in East Sussex. There is free parking, the site is warm and dry, though there is one flight of stairs.

We start with a gong bath- a chance to relax, let go, and enjoy some deep sound healing.

Each session has a focus, but will also include Lokk-Seidr (Nordic chanting), drummed led meditation, and some teaching using the runes as a foundation for understanding the focus. 


The group is deeply practical, and there is no need to have previous experience.  It is a blend between shamanism, healing, gentle chat and led meditation. 


I use the runes to add wisdom to the teaching, as archetypal symbols reflecting energy we are working with. If you are not familiar with the runes don't worry, I teach in a very practical way  basing everything on what we have experienced.

The workshops will run on Saturdays or Sundays (check the individual date), run from 10.30- 3 (with time afterwards for chat and questions). I ask for a £20 deposit (which is fully refundable if I cancel, and can be moved to a different workshop up to 48 hours before the day) The full price is between £45 - £55, depending on income, with the remaining £25-£35 payable on the day.


Saturday 6th November

When working with clients I often use a series of runic chants to clear and balance the chakras. 

This workshop will explore this chant. We will try it as a group, and I will take you on a drummed meditation to experience me chanting this for you as part of a healing journey.

As well as a discussion about why I chose specific runes to represent each of the chakras.

Reserve your place here with a £20 deposit.


Sunday 5th December

The focus will be on our Solar Plexus. Journeying to tend this beautiful chakra, and checking in with feelings around our ego and sense of self esteem.

We will also be working with the rune and the Norse God Frey (my favourite deity to work with!) Deep associations with woodland and Yuletide, perfect for a December gathering in the Sussex woodland barns.

With sound healing, Look-Seidr (Nordic chanting), drummed meditation, and a little chat I am hoping this will be a lovely start to the festive period. 

Reserve your place here with a £20 deposit.

What is Seidr?

You may be reading through all of this- quite interested, but not entirely sure what "seidr" is.   


Seidr is a Nordic chant -basically we sit as a circle and chant an ancient chant. It is a way to connect, release, heal and be inspired. 


If the idea of chanting fills you with fear then don't worry. There is no need to chant unless you feel comfortable doing so. Just sit, breathe, and join in if it feels right.  You can find out more about Seidr here.

The shaman Saturdays will teach some aspects of Stav, but will also allow you to connect with your Gods and guides, whatever path you may be on.