I do meet regularly in East Sussex to hold a shaman/seidr circle. 

if we have already discussed this then you will find all the dates and times here, if you are interested then please email me so we can chat. 


Saturday 3rd 10.30- 3ish, £20-£40. Please bring a light lunch.

Wednesday 7th 7-9pm, £10

Wednesday  21st  7-9pm, £10

Always best to text me the day before just to confirm, its rare I cancel but do check.

In June we are connecting with the Norse God Vidar- and looking to find peace and strength.


What is Seidr?

You may be reading through all of this- quite interested, but not entirely sure what "seidr" is.   


Seidr is a Nordic chant -basically we sit as a circle and chant an ancient chant. It is a way to connect, release, heal and be inspired. 


If the idea of chanting fills you with fear then don't worry. There is no need to chant unless you feel comfortable doing so. Just sit, breathe, and join in if it feels right.  You can find out more about Seidr here.

The shaman Saturdays will teach some aspects of Stav, but will also allow you to connect with your Gods and guides, whatever path you may be on.