Shaman’s Gate- Monthly Saturdays dedicated to exploring shamanism.

Monthly full days dedicated to creating an accessible space for any one curious, or interested in shamanism.

Perfect if you are looking to explore shamanism, paganism, psychic development, healing, or the runes. Or whether you simply want to find like minded friends to share your spiritual journey with.


The day includes workshops, a shaman (seidr) circle and time to chat and relax.  Each of the days weaves together to create journey - though you don't need to come to every session if that doesn't work for you.


The workshops are designed to be perfectly suited to first steps in shamanism, but also to stretch and inspire those with more experience. 

We meet in some Old barns just of the A26 between Lewes and Uckfield. There is free parking, and a bus if needed. (map at the bottom of the page). 

Please scroll down for a full list of dates, prices and topics.

2019 has been a year of immense spiritual growth for me. I started my business as a Tarot reader, and this has been the year when working as a shaman has over taken working as a tarot reader.

I have been teaching shamanism for many years now- listening to what people want, and trying to use my experience to guide and empower my students. But I wanted a better concept of what I actually do. So I started reading around, trying to find something to reflect how I work. I came across this passage by Michael Harner;

“A new shaman, after learning the basic principles, methods, and cosmology of shamanism, builds personal knowledge and power by shamanic practice and journeying. As this knowledge is acquired, the shaman becomes a guide for other people….A Master shaman is able to say, 'oh yes what you experienced fits in there…' on the basis  of what he has experientially, learned so far”

Now I am not nearly ready to suggested I have become a master in shamanism. But I can teach you the tools to enter an altered state of consciousness. I can guide you on journeys, and help you to understand what you  have experienced.

My Shaman Saturdays will focus on helping you to enter an altered state of consciousness, and to use this state for journeying, healing, connection with other people, and to develop self awareness.

These are the tools I will be using to help you enter an altered state of consciousness;

  • Breath work

  • Intention

  • Drumming

  • Led meditation (path working)

  • Chanting

  • Gazing

  • Movement.

Each month will have a specific focus. It is of course helpful to commit to coming to every session.  But life can be complicated- so each month is a complete workshop in itself.

The day starts at 10.30 and runs til about 4. (you are welcome to arrive from 10 if you want time to settle, have a cup of tea, ask questions etc)

Please bring a light lunch/snack- there will be plenty of teas/coffee through out the day.


In April, July and December there will the opportunity to explore the energy of the runes with Simon Cole using staff exercises. On these days the session finishes at 5.

The price for each day is between £55- £70, depending on your income. Please pay what you can afford to allow me to keep these days affordable for everyone.

To reserve your place (£20) please click on the link.

March 7th Connecting through journey.

Explore the power of using journeying (deep led meditation using a drum to guide) to connect to your deeper self, and to connect to another person wthin the group.

April 4th Protection 

Why bother with psychic protection? (I will demonstrate!)) and how to protect yourself effectively.

I will teach you how to improve your psychic protection through journeying to work with your world tree and put better protection in place. There will also be work to connect with, or meet, a guide or power animal.

As well as work looking at the aura, chakras, and focused breath.

June 6th The world tree & Stav workshop 3-5

The world tree- starting point for most shamanic journeying, and your key tool to finding the right place to access what you most need on your journey.

We will explore where is the best place to go for healing, inspiration, or to meet guides. 


July 4th  Working with guides and allies. 

Power animals, spirit guides, plant allies, patrons- lots of different words. Having a guide in the shamanic world makes a huge difference. This is not about "knowing" your guide. This is about a deep and personal working relationship.

September 5th Fire & transformation & Stav workshop 3-5

October 3 & 4th Stav weekend gathering

October 24th Earth, connecting with ancestors. Soul retreaval.

November 7th Working with water, healing

December 5th the element of air, seeing clearly & Stav workshop 3-5

What is Seidr?

You may be reading through all of this- quite interested, but not entirely sure what "seidr" is.   


Seidr is a Nordic chant -basically we sit as a circle and chant an ancient chant. It is a way to connect, release, heal and be inspired. 


If the idea of chanting fills you with fear then don't worry. There is no need to chant unless you feel comfortable doing so. Just sit, breathe, and join in if it feels right.  You can find out more about Seidr here.

The shaman Saturdays will teach some aspects of Stav, but will also allow you to connect with your Gods and guides, whatever path you may be on.

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