Shaman’s Gate- a saturday dedicated to exploring shamanism.

My aim is to create a deeply nurturing space for shamanic connection, development, teaching, friendship and fun. This page is in progress- not all links will work yet.

The core of each day is the Seidr Circle which runs from 12.30-3.


From 12.30 we can gather, chat, enjoy a cup of tea, or just enjoy the space. 

From 1-3pm I will hold the Seidr Circle. There will be Nordic chanting, led meditation with a drum to lead (pathworking), often a gong bath- whatever feels right for us as a group at the time.

You are welcome to attend just the Seidr circle if that suits- and the cost is £20. You can find out exactly what happens here

Either side of the Seidr Circle I will be offering workshops teaching basic or advanced skills- take a look at the calendar to see if anything appeals to you. These are individually priced (and the price includes the cost of the circle)

There are also bi-monthly Gatherings- a chance for us to relax, perhaps a shared meal, a fire, or a healing circle.  I know it seems complicated- have a read through to better understand. This is also a chance for me to share a little more deeply about my Nordic path- Stav (more details here)

I am aiming to create an affordable community circle, as well as offering core shamanic training.

All of the workshops take place at "The Old Barns" just off the A26 between Lewes & Uckfield.

There is plenty of parking, teas and coffees included.  If you are staying for workshops please bring food as there are no shops near by. if you are coming by public transport you need the number 29 bus (Brighton to Tunbridge Wells) get off at the Halfway House pub stop and it is just a short walk. 

If you have any questions about Shaman's gate, and whether it would suit you do just email me so we can talk in more detail. 

I have tried to make these workshops as affordable as possible. In places I offer a payment scale. Please pay what you can afford with in the scale- it is a balance between my trust in your situation, and you valuing my work. 

Shaman healer Course 

Before the Seidr Circle I run a  workshop teaching healing skills, running from 9.30-12.15

Working through the four elements I will teach you how to cleanse the aura and chakras, remove psychic daggers, work with ancestors, rewind to past events, and lead a soul retrieval. This is a blend of core shamanic skills, with practical healing tools.


I will also teach you how to journey to connect to others for healing and guidance. 


The price includes the cost of the Seidr Circle, and you are welcome to stay for the gathering if you would like to.

Whether you are looking for personal understanding, hoping to support friends and family, or looking to integrate this into your professional healing business you can find out more here.

Gathering Together

What has amazed me most about my shamanic journey is the people I have met along the way. I am keen to develop this sense of community, friendship and mutual support.

So bi-monthly, after the Seidr Circle I will host a gathering- open to everyone who attended the circle. 

Perhaps there will more chanting, some led journeying, sitting around the fire to discuss whatever comes up, a little runelaw, healing exchange....

There will also be the opportunity to learn the martial aspect of stav during this time for those that are interetsed. 


Who knows? I have a feeling the gathering will grow as best suits the group.  I am intending for the gathering to run from 3.30- 5pm (later if we fancy)

The cost is £15 (this is uncluded if you have paid for the morning workshop)

You can find out more here.

January 4th - 11- 4, a day of seidr work & journeying, £35 (if there are enough people interested!)

February 8th- Full day shaman workshop "Who am I?" Price range £50- £65 depending on your income.

March 7th- Basic-module 1 (air). Advanced- Ancestors

April 4th Basic-module 1 (air).  Gathering.

June 6th Basic-module 2 (fire). Advanced past lives

July 4th Basic-module 2 (fire). Gathering

September 5th Basic-module 3 (water). Advanced entities

October 3 &4th- Stav weekend

October 23rd Basic-module 3 (water) Gathering

November 7th Basic-module 4 (earth) Advanced protection

December 5th Basic-module 4 (earth) Gathering

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