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Working shamanically is a journey of discovery. Hearing the peace of your soul, recognising who you really are. It can bring a sense of comfort, a feeling of coming home, a gentle re-awakening of power.

Connecting with the world of dreams, souls and guides. It is an inspiring, blissful and often life changing path to walk.

If you would like to work with me we can book a 121 and I can journey for you, looking to heal, release blockages, work with guides and ancestors. This work can be done in person or via phone or skype. (keep reading for more information on how it works, how it helps, and how to book with me).

If you are looking to learn for yourself- I have so many options available, have a browse- see what would best suit you. 

Led Meditations

I am building a library of led meditations, classically called pathworking. 

These are perfect for first steps in shamanism, or supporting your ongoing healing.

Seidr- A Norse Shaman

My personal path is a Norse based tradition called Stav.

I work with the energy of the runes, the Norse gods, and Norse mythology.

Zoom Workshops

I love connecting via zoom.  You get to relax in your own home. I can lead you on a deep shamanic journey connecting to your guides, power animals, and higher self. 

Online Courses

I am building a modular online shaman course.


Perfect for healing, developing shaman skills, psychic awareness and shadow work.

Shaman Mentor

If you would like me to guide you on your shaman path I am really delighted to be of help. 

You set your own pace- booking as and when it feels right to you.

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