I am so excited to be sharing this with you!

It is a deep dive into the world of the runes, teaching you the tools to allow you to really understand their potential. And sharing the journey with you!

Each month we will explore one of the 16 runes of the younger futhark. This will include:

  • A led mediations/shamanic journey on Zoom so you can experience the feel of the energy. (roughly an hour)

  • A teaching session where I will share the mythology, practical tools connected to the rune, and answer any questions you may have (two hours.)

Both Zoom sessions are recorded so you can catch up, or re-watch as best suits you.

You also have life-time access to my rune-wisdom online course. This will include led journeys, personal reflections, and all of the information you need to understand the runes. Basically all my knowledge uploaded and ready for you!

You can start at any month, and just keep going for the 17 months (16 runes, and one  extra month to cover additional topics) I am also here to offer email support as and when needed. 

The cost is  £850, which is broken down by most people (email me if you'd rather pay in full) to 17 monthly payments of £50.  To have lifetime access to the online course I would need you to complete all 17 months, however if you find the mentor package does not suit you, we could arrange a discounted price for the online course.

Why work with me as a rune- mentor?

Because I can help you to use the runes as practical tool in your life! This is not just an academic course, it is designed to give you practical tools you can use in your life.

Each month I will share:

  • Personal tools, to help you better understand yourself.

  • Practical tools to help with self healing, creative projects, manifestation, and spiritual connection.

  • Powerful tools to allow you to weave this into any work you may do with others- as a therapist, healer, or working with others in your daily life.

Ready to enjoy your first month? There is no commitment to finish the course, Its important to me that everyone doing the course finds it suits them. 

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