Online Rune-lore & Seidr Workshops

Would you love to understand the runes? I don't mean to read about them, or memorise a list of associations.  To understand the runes is to integrate them into your life, to use them - for self awareness, healing, empowerment, creativity. 

The purpose of this course is to weave an experience to allow you to connect to the runes, and to demonstrate practical tools that you can use to deepen this relationship with each of the runes.

There is a focus on the Norse mythology and Norse deities- but looking to find wisdom we can then use in our daily life. I see the mythologies as a rich source of cultural knowledge, and I will help you to see the reflections in your life.

As a seidr practitioner (Norse shaman) I use the energy  and sound of the runes as the core of my healing work. I will take you on led meditations (shamanic journeys) using rune chants, and teach you how to use the sounds of the runes for focused energy healing.

So why should you work with me? You can browse my website, or check out my Google reviews if you want a sense of who I am and how I work with clients. As my student you will:

  • Understand the associations and Norse mythology connected to each of the 16 runes (of the younger futhark)

  • Explore the sounds connected to the runes, and how they can be used for energy healing, chakra balancing, shamanic healing, and supporting a healthy mindset.

  • I will support you in a personal connection to the runes- with monthly workshops, practical suggestions in personal PDF's each month, a monthly Q & A session, and email communication.

  • As a working shaman there will be a strong focus on exploring how the runes can help with energy and shamanic healing, as well as personal empowerment. If you would like to integrate this work into a healing modality I can support that journey.

  • This is a work shop for personal connection to the runes- our first focus is always to better understand ourselves, and then to apply that in whatever way best suits. (creativity, healing, empowerment, understanding others..)

This is a 17 month course- it can all be remote (via Zoom), though there are options for weekend gatherings if travel works for you, and it includes personal email guidance from me through out the course. You can pay monthly, or in advance if you prefer.

You can start at any point, and just keep working with me until you have completed all the modules. All of the Zoom calls are recorded giving you life-time access to the teachings.


Each month includes:

  1. A chanted journey to experience the rune, and associated deity.

  2. A teaching session exploring the rune, associations, Norse mythology etc. This will include a focus on a practical energy/shamanic/personal empowerment skill, and a general Q&A session.

  3. A monthly PDF summarising what we have covered, and including practical suggestions.

  4. Ongoing email support.


If you are curious to explore this work to see if it suits you- I have some free resources to try...


Focused on the rune "Bjork" and the deity Frigg.

I have a separate page detailing dates, costs etc- and you can find that by clicking on this button.

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