Online rune-lore and Shaman Workshops

I am finally teaching rune-lore (though I prefer the term rune-wisdom!)

This is designed to run alongside my Lokk-seidr & barns sessions if you are looking for the shamanic experience.

Each month I will hold a two hour Zoom session (all recorded in case you can't join live) focused on one rune from the younger futhark. This will cover some background information about Norse mythology and the runes in general. But it will really focus on how I use the energy of that rune in my work as a Norse shaman, with practical ways you can connect to the rune in your personal or professional life. 

This is not a list of associations, or a re-telling of the myths. It is a practical course designed to support you in developing a working connection with the runes.

You can either subscribe to just the rune-wisdom for £32 a month, or the rune-wisdom and Zoom Lokk-seidr for £50 a month. You can choose to just work with the online course if you prefer (there is a monthly payment option).

The subscription includes full access of my rune-wisdom online course to support this journey, and the complete course is 17 months. You can cancel at any time, I have no desire to lock people to courses that don't suit them!

Upcoming months:

April Njord, water, and the sacral chakra.

May  f Freya, May Day, working with power animals.

June  u Vidar, protection, grounding, boundaries.

July   s Balder, working with guides and allies.

August o Odin, inspiration and the crown chakra.

September t Tyr, speaking your truth, and the throat chakra.

October l Loki, change, inspiring change, allowing change. 

November r Hel, ancestors and finding our place in the lineage.

December Frey, Healing, and finding peace.

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