Online rune-lore and Shaman Workshops

I have been asked to teach/guide shamanic work and rune-lore by several people now, and have put a lot of thought into how to best do this.

My teaching was very “fire-side chat”, exploring the issues that cropped up as they did in an organic way. I want to include some of this in my teaching. Something magical happens when questions are explored in sacred space. But I also want to include some structure, to ensure the content is planned and has a narrative to it, and- for those that want it- I want to include shamanic experience along the way. Phew, no wonder it took me a while to get the format workable!

So.. how does this work?

  • There is a monthly shamanic (Lokk-seidr) workshop, via Zoom, recorded so you can join live, and/or follow on catch up. This allows you to experience the rune in a shamanic sense.

  • There is a monthly teaching workshop, via Zoom also fully recorded. I will explore the rune and associations, deity, Norse mythology, translate this into practical tools both for everyday life and shamanic work. There will be a chance for you to ask questions (live or emailed in advance), and as we go I hope we can create a discussion space to share understandings and experiences.

  • At the end of the month I will send a PDf summarising much of what we have covered, and signposting some practical suggestions to further your journey, if it feels relevant.


You can attend sessions live, or work through the videos at your own speed (re-visiting anything as and when you want to). The last third of the Zoom teaching can cover any rune or topic, allowing you to progress at a pace that suits you. If you can’t attend live you can email me anything you want to ask, or for me to cover. The entire course is 17 months long.

I am suggesting a cost of £50 a month for this course- covering two Zoom sessions a month (which then create a video library for you to access), a monthly PDF collating what we have covered and including practical ideas to integrate this into your personal practice, and ongoing email support in all areas of your personal growth connected with this course. I want to work with you on this course, and the price reflects not only my experience- but the hours I will commit to creating content and offering personal support.  If you are keen to work with me, and money is the stumbling block to this course please email me so we can discuss an affordable payment that works for both of us.

It is a circular course- start at any point and keep going until you have completed, you can stop at any point if you feel it is not the right course for you.

You can email questions for the teaching session if you can't join live, and they can be questions about the runes, Norse mythology, your personal practice, or anything that you feel would be helpful to bring into our space.

There will be a series of in person "experiences" alongside this course, you do not have to attend these- it is lovely to have the chance to work in person, but I know that does not work for everyone.

Please email me at for more details. 

February 23rd  b Frigg, Imbolc, earth and the root chakra. 

Teaching session-   Feb 15th (Find the topics covered here)

March 23rd  n The Norns, patterns, fate, and the web of orlog.

Teaching session- March 15th

March 5th & 6th - full weekend (Covid rules allowing) 10.30 on Saturday- 3pm on Sunday. This is £70 for the weekend and an experience for those who are able to attend, but not essential if travel isn't an option.

April 20th l Njord, water, and the sacral chakra.

Teaching session-April 12th

May 25th m Freya, May Day, working with power animals.

Teaching session-May  10th

June  22nd s Balder, working with guides and allies.

Teaching session-June 14th

July 27th u Vidar, protection, grounding, boundaries.

Teaching session-July  12th

August 17th o Odin, inspiration and the crown chakra.

Teaching session-August 9th

September  28th t Tyr, speaking your truth, and the throat chakra.

Teaching session-September 20th

September 3rd - full day workshop for those who can attend, £40.

October 26th 26l Loki, change, inspiring change, allowing change. 

Teaching session-October 25th

October 1st & 2nd, full weekend retreat, £70.

November 23rd r Hel, ancestors and finding our place in the lineage.

Teaching session-November 15th

December 14th  f Frey, Healing, and finding peace.

Teaching session December 6th

2023 dates to be confirmed.

January j Thor, fire and the solar plexus.

This is just a brief introduction to the years workshops. I will be adding more information as time allows. 

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