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I have been deeply connected to the runes for over 20 years now. They are my main tool for better understanding myself, and the world around me.

I'm really excited to share my Zoom rune-lore workshop which will be recorded (in-case you can't join live) and will include a PDF e-book covering all 16 runes of the younger futhark.

Looking to get a feel of the key associations of the runes? You can download my free crib-sheet here.

The course will cover:

  • What is a rune, and why I work with the Younger Futhark.

  • Basic associations of the runes (to support the e-book/printable file).

  • How to structure a rune reading.

  • An insight into rune magic, and bind-runes.

  • Tools to deepen your connection to the runes.

Obviously in 90 minutes (even with the extra information in the e-book/PDF) this is an introduction. But it is a wonderful starting point. or a great way to collate your knowledge if you already work with the runes.

This course costs £15 and can be booked here.

" have been engaged in Maddy's rune-lore course for over a year now. Delving into the nuances, characteristics, archetypes and deities attached to each rune has been intensely interesting. The more I learn the more I realise there is to learn and the way in which Maddy teaches makes that feel like a very exciting prospect.


Her personal knowledge and experience of the runes is nothing more than incredible. When someone says they've been studying and living the runes for about 20 years perhaps it's time to impart knowledge and teach... well, says it all really. I honestly feel that I could sit with Maddy and like a sponge, continue to just soak up the fascinating and infinitely interesting knowledge she has to impart.


I thought I was fairly well versed in rune knowledge however, Maddy's rune-lore course has literally changed the way I see and experience the runes. 

Her personable teaching style makes her vast knowledge easy to take on board and process. I can highly recommend this course for anyone that holds an interest in the runes. "

Mel Maelo, West Sussex

"A vast and mutually evolving encyclopaedia of practical rune-lore which transforms symbols into living energies, to work with, and explore.

Working through the Younger Futhark allows the archetypes to come alive."

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