A six hour intensive with me- I started offering this after clients asked if it was a service I could provide. The feedback has been so positive I am now offering it publicly.

It is perfect if you are;

  • Travelling a distance to see me.

  • Want to focus on teaching - either tarot or shamanism.

  • Looking for some quality time to work on you.

  • Are the kind of person that likes to go really deep.

  • You have an issue you just want to sort out.


Basically you get to spend 6 hours with me- I will use my skills to best help you. As shaman, tarot reader, seidkona, teacher and life guide. I list some possible ways we can focus our time together- but in the end I am totally flexible and will work to meet your needs as best I can.

We will pause for a light lunch (homemade soup) – and you can expect this to be intense, transformative, and totally focused on your needs.  The cost for the day is £265- it includes coffee/tea/herbal teas and home made vegan soup. 

You can book your appointment through my calendar here.

Here are some examples of how we could use or time;

Deeply shamanic healing

Its hard to put into words what we can achieve in this time- energy healing,  getting rid of psychic daggers, regressing to find the core wounds of self limiting behaviours,  curse unravelling, working with spirit guides and power animals, soul retrieval, ancestral healing- one healing tool can lead to another- allowing us to truly heal at a soul level.

Perfect for you if;

  • You are going through/have been through difficult times and want to release the emotional pain.

  • You are aware of issues in your life that are restricting you from fully enjoying your life.

  • You like working with me (or would like to) but live some distance away.

  • You are ready to transform your life!


Serious Planning

However hard you try to plan sometimes you find yourself blocked- either at an emotional or mental level. I can use the Tarot to help you plan (a business, life change, dream goal).

I can then use some shamanic tools to help you identify and release self limiting blocks.

Leaving you with a blue print for how to achieve your goal, and some practical steps to keep blasting through those blocks if they crop up again!

Perfect for you if you have a dream or goal you want to achieve;

  • Writing & publishing your book.

  • Starting, or developing your business.

  • Spiritual life guidance.

  • Manage a life transition.



Tarot intensive Teaching

Maybe you have always wanted to learn the tarot- but are put off by the seeming complexity? Or perhaps you already read the tarot but are looking to master accuracy, understand each card, or simply take your tarot reading to the next level.

I can plan our teaching session to totally match your needs- from total beginner, to developing a professional reading business.

Includes detailed handouts on the cards and spreads.

Perfect for;

  • Anyone interested in tarot!


Gently Nurturing

Life can be complicated, and it can be hard to find the time to really relax. Maybe you don’t want to go deep or intensive. Perhaps you just want to really relax!

With  a gong bath, some crystal and energy healing, guided meditation- and maybe a little tarot to help you find reflect on your life. I can help you to relax, release, and just enjoy the deeply healing space.

We can also talk about practical tools you can learn with me, and then use in your own daily life.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone in need of relaxation!

Shamanic experience.

Maybe you have had some shamanic experiences in the past, or have always felt drawn to this sort of thing but aren’t quite sure how to start.

Maybe you’re tempted by my workshops but feel a bit uncertain about groups, or just want to explore shamanic work with me on a 1-2-1 first.

Depending on what you have done before we can journey into the shamanic lands to meet guides, power animals, ancestors, allies…..

We can include a soul retrieval, and I have various techniques to really help you to connect in  a shamanic way.

Really this session will unfold in whatever way it most needs to- which is the beauty of working with me directly. Expect a mixture of journeying, drumming, gonging, chat, and plenty of time to ask me questions!

Perfect for;

  • Anyone interested in shamanism- whether this is your very first step, or you are looking for some one to really deepen your experiences.


Can't choose?

Don't worry! I can blend a little of whatever you want to create the perfect day for you.


It helps to know before hand if you want a full day of tarot teaching- its quite a different mindset to a full day of shamanic healing. But basically on the day I will react to your needs- so you don't need to choose so much, rather consider how you think you are likely to want to spend our time. 

On the day I am totally flexible to mix tarot & shamanism, teaching, healing and reading to best suit you.