Manifesting & Goal setting with Tarot.


I have used tarot to help me create many areas of my life. This mini-course is how to practically use tarot to guide the planning and manifesting in your life. Remember- the magic is when you put your feet on the ground, and build your dreams. Goals in themselves are pretty pointless.


The 4 of pentacles is my key card in manifesting.

 ¼ of your time, energy, and focus is spent connecting to your higher guidance/wiser self/intuition working out what it is you want to achieve.

This can include;

  • reflecting,

  • journaling,

  • decluttering (to let go and create space),

  • meditation,

  • creating vision boards,

  • and of course working with the tarot.


¼ of your time, energy, and focus is spent connecting to your emotional self.

This can include;

  • Day-dreaming about what life could feel like.

  • Writing letters/stories/poems about your new goal/dream (in present tense- as if you are really there.

  • Working through emotional blocks/self limiting beliefs (I have some great free meditations to help)

  • Really connecting to your emotional self to help manifest this dream.


½ of your time, energy, and focus is spent actually following through and putting the work in.

This can include;

  • Writing goals, time-tables, plans.

  • And following them through- putting the plan into action.


Have a look at the 4 of pentacles. You might want to meditate on this card, place this card on your altar on in your journal. You could find something to represent the energy of this card and place it in your lounge or by your desk as a visual clue to remind you of your goals and manifesting.


Often referred to as "The Lord of Power" the 4 of pentacles is a powerful card. 

It is about taking stock of your life, being aware of your personal value and worth, and manifesting (through thought and action) what you really desire in life. 


Any manifesting has to start with reflection. Where are you in your life, what are you grateful for, what is lacking. What are you prepared to let go of to make space and time for new hopes and dreams?

Don't skimp on this stage. Set aside a couple of hours to really get immersed in this part.  

  • Gather together resources- plain paper/notebook. Pens, candles if you like, a nice drink. Prepare a space with all you need.

  • A short meditation will help to move you from left brain and logical to right brain and creative- I've got some you can try here.

  • Use words, pictures, doodles- explore what you have in your life now, and where you would like to go. Yu might want to focus on one area, or it may be more suitable to look at all of life.

  • At some point, before you finish use your tarot card to reflect your thoughts. Remember to take a photograph/write notes about these cards and use this reading to help you better reflect on where you are, and what you dreams and hopes are.

  • When it comes to understanding/reading these cards I have free resources on all the cards here.

The Tarot spread I use is really simple, but powerful. There is a short podcast of me reading mine to help you get the "flow"

Bottom row (1,2,3) Be grateful for this, it is still valid in your life.

Middle row (4,5,6) Let this go.

Top row (7,8,9) energy it would be good to embrace, to allow to move into your life.

A walk through the reading
00:00 / 10:07

My tarot reading for  me, to give you a demonstration- the podcast walks you through it. 



Now you have reflected a little about where you are- you can better consider what you would like more of, or to let go of, in your life.

The value of using tarot is it opens your mind to ideas that perhaps you wouldn't have considered without the tarot.

Maybe you like to doodle, mind map, write key words, or full descriptive paragraphs. Start to focus on a couple of key things that would really make a difference to your life.  Express in words or pictures what it is you are hoping t draw in, how it would feel.

When you have a few key concepts- now use the tarot to reflect them. Personally I think no more than five key concepts - or it starts to get a little over complicated.

Then for each of your key concepts do a three card reading to reflect and consider the best way to start manifesting this dream.

To help you with this stage I have updated one of my crib-sheets to make it as practical as possible, and you can see me doing my three card readings in the video.