What do I most need to know? An email tarot reading with real possibilities (and only £10!)

Sometimes the magic in Tarot is not asking a direct question- rather opening up to guidance and inspiration to see what the cards think you most need to know.

This is a reading where you can suggest a life area- relationship, money, work, home-life, success, study, self-confidence, spiritual path (just a few suggestions!). Or leave the subject open for the tarot. 


Perfect for confusion, overwhelm, creativity, spiritual seekers, or just if you fancy giving tarot a try!

I will do a five card reading, including clear practical advice, designed to help you right now. Above all this reading is designed to be helpful.

Nice and simple- Tarot Inspiration! The cost is £10, and all readings will be done within 48 hours of payment- perfect if you want a quick answer.

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What have others said about this reading?

"Oh my God, Maddy, you are amazing. Thank you, this is so what I need right now and it is soooo spot on."

"Thank you for this lovely and uplifting reading! It is spot on, and renews my motivation. Every card feels like a hug. I will pull these out of my deck and meditate further on them. Thank you for your loving support. You make a positive difference."

"Many Thanks - that is pretty spot on with everything else that has been coming through."


"Thank you very much. It certainly does ring true."