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Online courses

I'm building these up- a balance of Tarot, runes, and in time shamanism.

So if you don't find what you are looking for pop back soon!

Best Value

Introduction to the runes



Perfect if you like to self study.

Valid until canceled

Self-paced online course.

Introducing each rune, and the rune set.

Practical demonstrations of rune readings (videos)

Downloadable cribsheet

Introduction to the runes... a one of payment of £15 for a lifetime of access to this (still growing) portal of information.

  • An introduction to the deity associated with each rune.

  • Core meanings & associations for each rune.

  • Understand the deeper meaning of past, present & future in a reading.

  • Downloadable crib-sheet, and image-cards for each of the runes.

  • Videos of me reading the runes for practical examples.

In progress:

  • Deeper meaning for each rune.

  • Videos of me introducing each rune (if you prefer video to text.)

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