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Rune-lore (an introduction)

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This April my focus is Jord (the earth herself).

You can join me for a chanted journey (lokk-seidr) via Zoom or in person. Just click on the highlighted word to book your place.

In May I am holding an introduction to the runes, via Zoom. 90 minutes where I will explore how to connect with the runes, why I use the younger futhark, how to use the runes for rune-reading, healing, and shamanic work.

Obviously in 90 minutes this is an introduction- though I am including a crib-sheet to cover all 16 runes.

Think of it as a starting point- to get a feel for the wonderful work of runes!

The workshop (recorded in-case you can't join live) is £15- and you can book your place here.

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