I love sharing, teaching and talking about Tarot- there are lots of ways you can work with me...

Free Resources

Trying to get a feel for my style? I have lots of free tarot resources for you to try.

  • For a start I have lots of blogs- from individual cards to tips for going pro. Have a browse, see what interests you here.

  • If you prefer videos to text then take a look at my You-Tube channel here.

  • And if you are a fan of social media you can find me- Maddy Elruna- on Facebook, Instagram & (sometimes) Twitter. I do weekly live readings in my Facebook Group- take a look here.

  • I have two free crib-sheets that you can download- take a look here & here.

Looking to dig a little deeper into Tarot?

You have lots of options- depending on your price point and preferred way of working- have a read, I'm sure you'll find something to suit you.

  • I have three e-books available through Amazon- you can find them here. If e-book's just aren't your thing then you can buy a PDF of detailed notes covering every card in the deck for £12. Just send me an email letting me know you want to purchase the printable PDF and I'll send you a Pay-Pal Invoice. 

  • I have a range of courses on Teachable- once you've paid for a course you can access it as often, and whenever you want. They are a mix of video and text. perfect if you want to work through things with out interaction. Take a look here.

  • If you are local to me I run monthly Tarot workshops in East Sussex (near Lewes) find out more here.

  • If you are looking for a Tarot mentor- whether that is starting from scratch, or to help you develop as a professional reader (or anywhere in between) then I offer a 40 minute session for £55 ($77) via skype. Book and pay for three sessions to receive a 10% discount.    Please email me first so we can confirm what you would like to cover, then I can send a Pay-pal invoice. If we are covering cards then I  send printable PDF's to back up our work together.


  • Tarot Webinars- I am starting a series of Tarot webinars to really explore the cards, and specific spreads in a "workshop style" way- but from a distance. This will start in June with two webinars- one covering the suit of cups, and one covering relationship readings ( my go-to spread, ethics, card combinations etc.) You can join (and watch on playback as many times as you like) each webinar for £12, or both for £20.  The webinar includes printable PDF's. This is an introductory price so a great valued resource. Once you have started at the introductory price you will be allowed to cover all 78 cards at the same price per module-even as I raise the prices for new students (If you support me at the start of a new venture I want you to be able to complete it too!)

More details to come soon on the webinar- make sure you are on my newsletter email list so you can grab your spot when I announce the times & dates - sign up here.

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