Tarot Readings & Shaman healings

This page is all about "face to face" bookings, but with modern technology that is such a broad term now! So if you would like to connect with me by;

  • Skype

  • Phone

  • WhatsApp

  • Facebook messenger

  • In my work caravan, East Sussex TN22 5UG

Then this is the page for you.

It is very simple- I have an interactive calendar where you can see all my available times. You simply purchase the best appointment and timing for you, and decide how you want us to connect.

My thirty minute appointment is best for just Tarot, the longer appointments can be used for Tarot & shamanism if you would like, or we can focus on just one. And if you aren't sure- don't worry I am totally flexible, I will aim to help you as best I can on the day.