Booking your Tarot reading, and/or Shaman healing...

Booking is super easy. I have a calendar showing all my available slots, you simply chose the best one for you and pay as you book.

All of my appointments can be in person (TN22 5UG), via Zoom, or phone (UK only). You can rearrange your appointment once booked if you need to, and also change how we connect if you need to.

I find Shamanic healing and Tarot works just as well by Zoom, and there is no need to choose before hand how you want me to help. I usually start with Tarot to gain insight into any issue. Then if you are curious, or drawn to a healing we can discuss that to see if it suits you. 

​I have appointments from 30 minutes (great for a focused Tarot reading), up to 90 minutes. If you would like a longer session just email me for details.

All of my appointments of 45 minutes and longer can be for Shaman healing, Tarot reading, or a blend of both. No need to choose before hand- you can decide on the day which would be most helpful.

How can I help you?

A Tarot reading helps you to understand what is happening in your life, and find the best way forward. 

Think of a tarot reading like a map- you can explore different options and find which path is best for you. It is more than predicting the future- it is predicating where different choices could take you.

A tarot reading can help you put things in perspective, to see the solutions when all you saw where problems. They can help you to see where you are blocking your choices. (the future is not fixed- but so often our minds are)

A shaman healing  can be incorporated into any session longer than 45 minutes. You don't need to deicide before booking- we can work out what is best suited on the day.  You relax and focus on your breathing. I will chant (on Zoom) or use my gong (in person) to allow me to enter an altered state of consciousness. Then I will do whatever healing your guides (and we all have guides) ask me to.


Often this is removing psychic daggers and balancing chakras. It my include a soul retrieval, past life work, entity extraction, cord cutting, ancestral healing, to name a few.  I will explain everything I experienced, and will often suggest practical work to aid your healing. If it all sounds a bit complicated- don't worry, its my job to help you relax and ensure the session is best suited to your needs.