Tarot readings for the year ahead - £55


You will get an overview for the whole year, and then a month by  month break down. I'll name the cards so you can re-create the spread for yourself.

Three cards for each month, with a focus on themes, advice, and a heads up of any difficult times. I know many  clients have found these readings useful- and I really do take the time to be as accurate as I can.

Despite offering a year ahead reading I do not believe the future is fixed, rather I am picking up on trends and likelihoods- so I always include an advice card for each month... helping you to make the best of each and every month!

Simply pay using the link, then in January I will email the address you used for your PayPal purchase to send you your email reading.

I only have limited availability. Once I reach capacity (as I already have clients booked in for January, as well as exciting teaching projects) I will remove the payment link.

Lets hope that 2022 looks like a smooth and fun year ahead!

New for 2022- I will include a general reading for the whole year, 3 cards to reflect the year ahead for us all!

The year 2022 written on pinned cards hanging from a string..jpg