January 25, 2017

You don’t need to  be perfect

Before I started as a Tarot Professional I didn't realise that it is actually two jobs, equally...

January 23, 2017

I think we all need at least one Queen of swords in our life.

(Though I am using “she” in this blog, my Queen of swords descr...

January 19, 2017

This week my website crashed because I "missed" an invoice about my domain name,  I sent links  for my free book for  Amazon...

January 8, 2017

I love the 4 of swords, it represents something I have very little of now; a moments peace.

Our lives are so busy now, it see...

January 4, 2017

How do you feel when you look at the 10 of pentacles?

I believe that when you are reading for your self that instant feeling...

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