"Back Story", and how it defines your future, and often you don't even know!

Do you feel that opportunities, luck, an easy life, love (fill in the word most appropriate to you)- seem to be something that happens to other people, just not you (and it’s O.K., because you’ve got used to it. Life has always been that way) Have you ever considered that it is not the world that is the problem- it is that you are looking at the world through the grimy visions of your own back story. I have come as a shaman & tarot reader to be very aware of “back story”. For me a back story is the tale you present to others about your life. It is rarely helpful- as every time to share your back story you reinforce it to yourself, and it is usually the single biggest problem in moving forwa

Delighted to share a Tarot Success Story!

I often describe tarot as like map reading - it can help you to find your destination, see possible routes, and warn you of potential obstacles along the way. I am sharing the tale of how tarot readings can support in manifesting a dream - with full knowledge of my client and friend. I have read for Rachel many over the past few years. Most of those readings have been “Will my book get published?”, often followed by a list of detailed questions about plot twists, characters, title choices, and settings. Each time I read for Rachel, whether in the tarot groups, online, or in person, it felt like we were feeling our way forward in the creation of her book. I read for subtle changes, leaving op

Love the Wild-Wood Tarot?

I can remember exactly, and without doubt, the first time I considered paganism. And paganism was a very attractive prospect..... In 1984 in the U.K a new T.V, show came on, "Robin of Sherwood". Retelling the ancient tales of Robin Hood. There was something a little different about this show. There was a magic running through that I (and I know many others) found entrancing, hypnotic, real. Somehow the author, Richard Carpenter, and the cast made the spiritual, magical, Pagan element shine through the drama. They made it seem ancient, yet relevant. They made it seem real. Years later, and I am drawn to the mythology section of the local pagan bookshop. Looking to find something to really ca

My 5 Tarot BAD habits

#1 Reading when I'm angry If I am arguing with my husband I naturally find myself at my desk. And the first thing I usually do is throw a few cards down. Never good to read for a relationship when angry. The most annoying thing is the cards are usually really, really "lovely" ones. which just makes me more angry. It's like they are trying to tell me to "calm down". I still do it, I'll get a shock one day when I read for my relationship in a temper and get angry cards staring right back at me. #2 Saying "yes" when I'm thinking "WTF" I have a reckless streak. During a reading I am calm & focused, but sometimes clients ask me things - my head is saying "nooooo" but I hear myself saying "O.K" Mo

How the Hanged Man gives me chills

An important part of reading tarot card is how an individual looks at the image, and understands the symbolism based upon their personal history & culture. My spiritual tradition is working with the Norse Gods, and the Hanged Man has some very key meanings for me. Odin, God of magic, poetry, shamanism & much, much more hung himself upon the world tree to receive the gift of runes. For me the world tree-Yggdrasil- represents the centre of existence. And when I work as a shaman I am the world tree. We are all at the centre of our own existence, we are all the world tree, even though there is only one world tree. (Odd I know, but not quite as odd as quantum physics) He sacrificed, hung himself

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