The power of hidden thoughts....

I have long had a problem with the idea of gratitude creating the wonderful life you wish for. I know our thoughts shape our lives, yet the idea that thinking happy thoughts creates happiness is a little too simplistic. There is just something missing. I am currently reading The power of consistency, by Weldon Long. and came across the quotes; " Your thoughts drive your emotions. Your emotions drive your actions. Your actions drive your results" Now I really get that, it works a as a practical principle for me. But- you are not aware of all of your thoughts. It is the power of hidden thoughts that I think is missing from many ideas on positive thought (and of course positive thought is very

Thoughts on running a Tarot business

I thought I would share some of my insights from “building my Tarot business”. I don't claim to be an expert, simply pausing to reflect on things that have helped, and things that have not. It has taken a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and sheer effort. More than I thought possible, and a lot more yet to go. I have been reading Tarot for a long time, and teaching for fun for a long while too. But deciding to make my living from Tarot is a big decision. This is not the same as slowly building up clients whilst working- I went into it head first, headlong, and needing to earn enough to pay my bills. If I had realised how much effort it was going to take I would have probably got a job

How exactly does tarot work- and how can it help you?

There are many, many ways tarot can be used- but I find the most useful way is to shine a clear light on your unconscious. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.Jung What you hold in your unconscious directs how you perceive & react to the world around you. Sound mad? If you are looking to buy a red car you will suddenly notice red cars everywhere. There are no more red cars than before, it is just that you are noticing them. An example I have shared before, that still astonishes me is about my husband. I share it because it is such an clear example of how deep held beliefs can create the reality we experience. He went to a job inte

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