How do you feel about money?

So lets talk abut money, and how you really feel about it- using the ace of cups as focus. I consider the ace of cups to represent emotions, feelings & our souls. The element of water is hard to fully grasp, yet it is (arguably) the strongest of all the elements. Think of how deep into the earth a river can carve, or the strength of the ocean. Having lived right at the edge of the North sea & relied upon ferry crossings to get anywhere I can fully appreciate the power of water. (yes- I used to live in that cottage- once the waves were hitting the chimney, pretty scary) I think this is a really hard thing to pin down, but in the end I think it will make the biggest difference. How you feel dr

Intuition or Knowledge?

Which is most important for a tarot reading- Intuition or Knowledge? (as illustrated by the High priestess & Hierophant, Morgan Greer tarot) I honestly think they are both equally important. Intuition This is a big word with so many meanings, and you need to find your on understanding. From connecting with spirit guides to an understanding that comes with from your own wiser self. If there are 78 cards, and each card has a range of meanings, and is subtly altered by the cards around it, the question & the spread used- then that is way too many unique meanings for anyone to record in a book, let alone memorize, learn, or retain. I argue that every tarot reading must include an intuitive leap

Tarot as a tool to love money #1

Money. I once ran a tarot workshop, and when I got home I realised not one person had paid for the workshop. Entirely my fault, the workshop had been busy, fun, and very enjoyable- I had just forgotten to ask anyone to pay. Luckily for me my clients had a sound relationship with money- and by the next morning everyone had paid . The problem is I was scared of money, not understanding how it worked, and that was also tied into my lack of self worth. It created a cycle where I didn't look at my bank account or consider my spending- which simply filled me with more fear about how little I pre-summed I had. This reached a head just before Christmas. A full trolley of shopping and my card was dec

How to use Tarot to connect with your Spirit Guide

Lets start with what is a spirit guide? I think of a spirit guide as a non physical entity that I can communicate with when in a relaxed (altered or trance like) state of mind. I experience my spirit guides as Norse Gods & goddesses which reflects my personal spiritual tradition (I usually work with Frey, Freya & Hel, though Odin is around a fair bit too). Other people have seen my spirit guides, and described them exactly as I see them, when I work with other people I can-at times- connect with their spirit guides. These can seem to be angels, animals, Norse Gods/ess, or deities form other pantheons. They have also been people that seem to have been alive at some point. I know when my main

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