15,000 blog views, what did you love?

Wow- apparently my blog posts have been read 15,000 times! Felling amazed. My top five posts are; #1 The most feared card in Tarot. (read it here) #2 Why I love the 7 of swords (read it here) #3 We need to talk about Death (read it here) #4 When the client says "You are wrong" (read it here) #5 Running an Holistic business, what I wish someone had told me (read it here) My best moment was being asked if I wanted to interview Philip Carr-Gomm about his DruidCraft tarot. I swung from "how can I ever form an intelligent question?" to trying to whittle down a list that covered just about everycard in the deck, individually. It looks like there will be a companion interview about this much loved

So you want to teach Tarot?

I clearly remember the process of deciding to become a professional tarot reader & teacher. We had 4 young children who we had decided to home educate and it was clear we would need two wages to manage this, In the past I had been a nursery teacher & nanny and could easily get back into that line of work- but I had always wanted to develop my Occult skills, and this was a perfect opportunity. So I decided to go for it! Then- for some unknown reason- I spent at least three months trying to decide if I wanted to to teach or read Tarot. Luckily I came to the conclusion that they were complimentary and I wanted to do both. So I thought I'd share some of my insights along the way. Try to move thr

Meet Philip Carr-Gomm, creator of the DruidCraft Tarot

I have been working with the DruidCraft Tarot since I first bought my deck in 2004. The powerful images (which draw on Britain’s landscapes and ancient past and embrace both Druidry and Wicca) have helped me through the best and worst of times, and also helped guide many of my clients. I’ve spent so many hours working with this wonderful deck that questions have arisen - about subtle details, names, and influences. I was delighted to have an opportunity to ask the deck’s creator, Philip Carr-Gomm, some of my questions. Magic of the court cards For me, the outstanding achievement of this deck is the court cards. For many people, these are the hardest part of the tarot to really connect with -

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