The question of Tarot "Ethics"

Or, the #5 Tarot questions I thought I would never read for (and now do daily!) And why I DO read for regular clients, even if the question is the same. Before I started reading Tarot professionally I put a lot of thought into my ethics, and the questions I would not read for. My original list read something like; #1 Health & medical issues #2 Financial advice #3 Legal advice #4 Minors, those under 18 #5 Third party readings. I pretty soon relaised that just about every client wants to read for at least one of these, and if a client comes to me upset & confused- who am I to sit in judgement and say their difficulties don't sit with my carefully constructed ethics. I started to understand it

When the client says "you are wrong, that is just not right"

I had a reading the other day, and I felt the cards were very clear. My client was being run ragged by her friends needs and clearly needed to redefine her relationships. She was very clear in her answer "absolutely not" This is one example, but it happens a lot. I see a clear reading, which my client then completely denies. The main reason being, often Tarot readings are reaching into someone's shadow. And the whole point about shadow is-it is something they are choosing not to recognize. I've even had a fair amount of anger from clients, especially if they have come to me about a relationship and I dare to suggest they need to look at their own behavior as well as their partners! They hav

When Death means Death, and we need to tell a client.

I firmly believe that the 78 tarot cards can reflect every experience within humankind. That includes rape, abuse, loss, destitution & death. And if you are intending to read tarot as a professional my advice is to be prepared to cover these topics at sometime. As a professional Tarot reader my ideal is to offer my client whatever it is they most need to know, using the wisdom of the tarot to guide me. I have read several times from readers that they don't predict death. But what if predicting death is exactly what your client most needs to know? I had a reading a couple of months ago. The usual life complications with job, family, housing, and a close personal friend which my client hoped c

My Top 5 Tips for starting to read the Tarot

Tarot, how to start & succeed. I read a lot of Facebook posts about how to memorise the Tarot cards, yet in my experience memorizing the cards is a laborious, and not particularly helpful way to learn to read the Tarot. Before I was a tarot teacher I was an early years teacher, and my passion was teaching kids not only to read, but to love to read. Teaching children the names of the letters is a fairly laborious & very boring way to teach reading. Much better to teach the sounds of the letters, some basic words, and to engage the kids in reading really great books. Simple books at first, perhaps they don’t even read all the words- but the story, pictures, and basic reading skills mean they p

The bridge between joy & grief

When I started writing my Tarot course I made a determined effort to study each tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck. Not through reading books, I had read meany, many excellent books. But through just gazing at each card, and letting my mind explore the image. Some cards were really surprising- - WHY hadn't I realsied before that the High Priestess was the card of my personal deity- Hel? I felt really stupid at that moment. The 6 of cups sent me on a two week depression, which is why I still talk about it as "The darkest card in the deck" You can read my blog on the 6 of cups here. I almost started throwing things as I tried to engage with the most annoying court-card, the dreamy, mostly us

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