My equinox Spread for finding balance.

The Equinox is a time of balance. To have enough abundance, challenge, comfort, peace, space, love. It is too easy to say "I don't have time" and to push aside those things we know will bring us more balance in our lives. It is too easy to carry on with what we know is an unbalanced life, even though we know it is self sabotaging. Because we have grown used to it. Equinox is a wonderful time to reflect, release & balance. So as you may have guessed, I have developed a simple tarot spread to help me- and hopefully you. As you shuffle your cards, just deepen your breathing and focus your attention on you. This reading is for you. Now place down 9 cards, with the meanings; 1-3. This is how you

Seeing my life through tears

Last weekend I enjoyed & endured another weekend of my shamanic healing course. It included an introduction to family constellation work. I need to add we are not being trained to hold constellations- we are experiencing a number of different approaches to help us weave together our own understanding. I have NO experience of this work at all, but happily put myself down as volunteer, all experiences are an opportunity to grow after all. Various members of the group were chosen to represent me, family members, emotions that are expressed within my family. I sat silently (weeping) and watched my family dynamic play out before my eyes. I gave no direction, no advice, would probably have been in

Stalked by the 4 of Swords

Have you had a tarot card stalk you? The 4 of swords was popping up as my advice or future, in just about every reading I did. So I knew something was coming.... It is a card of respite & recovery (but I saw no signs of illness in any of the cards) and the general feel seemed to be that it would be a change, and even a little enjoyable- it was often alongside either the 8 of cups or the Sun. I had the feeling of a fresh start, but couldn't see how that was possible. The 4 of swords has now moved out of my regular readings. Looking back at the last month I appreciate this card at a much deeper level. I always think the very best way to understand a Tarot card is to see it at action in your l

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