The curious 8 of cups

3 things have always bothered me about this card; For the pyramid of cups to work for 10 cups, there would need to be 4 on the base row. Everyone says it is "letting go" We don't know if he is walking away for good, or only for a while. What does the eclipse mean? So let me explore some of the symbolism in this curious card; His red clothes Compared to the blues & yellows of the card the red cloak & boots are striking. They make me think he is not giving up, or moving on. Red is the colour of vitality, passion, strength. It is a colour of perseverance & life. It is bold, and risk taking. He is walking away- agreed, but he is not (in my opinion) giving up, or letting go. His staff I connect

Life lessons from The Sun

It can be easy, with such a positive card as the Sun to just smile and say "fantastic". Which is a shame as there are some amazing tips in this card to ensure your success- in love, a project, creativity, business, or simply life. Let's look at some symbols The wall I love walls in the Tarot, from a Norse perspective they create a "garth" a garden, linking it to paradise & the Garden of Eden. A garden is a sacred space where you can feel safe & at ease. Able to play, to make mistakes, and try again. A feeling of being protected & nurtured. As children, hopefully, this sense of protective nurturing comes from parents who hug their crying child and say "never mind, try again". As adults maybe

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