The POWER of the 4 of pentacles

I have come to think the the 4 of pentacles is a life lesson in how to achieve success & abundance, or whatever it is you desire. I know often this card is thought of as greedy card, clutching to keep what you have. But there is another side to this card, a message that offers clear guidance in how to achieve financial security- which is a genuine blessing. We all need food & housing. Lets look closely at where the pentacles are placed. He has one on his crown chakra -connecting him to divine inspiration One one his heart chakra -love & desire Two on the soles of his feet -connecting him to the earth, practical work & physical manifestation I've studied a fair amount in my time, and my own

2 & 3 wands, what is the difference?

At first glance the 2 & 3 wands seem very similar. Both show an individual (seemingly a man) standing, watching, with the appropriate number of wands. The view includes an expanse of water, an inlet or estuary perhaps. The colors seem similar. So how can we differentiate between the two, how do we find their individual meanings? Try standing in the card When I am finding cards difficult to understand I try to really "get in to" the card. So try standing as if you were in the cards, For the 2 of wands. Stand holding something heavy & quite large in your open hand (it soon gets heavy). Now stand looking out of the window, whilst also looking over your shoulder (just to check no one is coming)

Will you be my dead Grandma?

As a Tarot reader & shaman I thought I was open minded about intuitive information, and the stranger side of life. Yet when the shaman healer course started exploring family constellation work I found myself seriously challenged. As always, due to the emotional intimacy of the course I am only sharing my experiences, I chose Grandmother for the title as the majority of the students chose to meet a dead Grandparent. So, we are split into pairs, shaman & client. The client tells the shaman which relative they want the shaman to represent, and the exercise continues in silence. Two people interacting without words, one representing the relative of the clients choice. I was shaman first, and I

We need to talk about money

I, like I guess many professional readers, have received some rather nasty messages about charging for my "gift" I have also seen numerous posts about charging for Tarot readings, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the matter. Tarot reading is a gift from "spirit" and you should not charge. Deep breath, because I have a lot to say. It is not a gift. My Tarot reading skills are the result of years and years of reading, learning, teaching and practicing Tarot. Like anything worthwhile it has taken practice to develop my skill. Maybe I am naturally intuitive, more likely I am a natural geek and love studying. But I do not have spirit given gifts that I share, I have skills learnt through ha

We need to talk about Death.

There is only one certainty in life, and it is not taxes, it is physical death. We will all lose loved ones, friends, or colleagues to death. At some point you too will die, as will everyone we read tarot for. So if you are going to read Tarot- for yourself, for others, or professionally I argue at some point "physical death" will crop up. This was proved to me in a professional reading. Peoples eyes are always drawn first to the "difficult cards" and there was the Death card nice and prominent, time and time again. As always I gently comment "of course death doesn't mean physical death, it represents a change, moving on, letting go" My client equally gently pointed out she was aware she wa

Trying (Hard) to find the bright side of the 9 swords

Before I started teaching & writing about Tarot I spent a long time thinking about how I wanted to do it. What my approach would I take. I don’t read reversals, preferring to see every card as able to express it’s full potential- from severe warning to full blessings. That became my mission. To find the warning in the upbeat, happy cards. And the blessing in the darker cards. It has become a real passion of mine, and I have grown to love the journey. So what is the blessing in the 9 of swords? This was the very hardest card to find a likable side to. Honestly, along with the 5 of pentacles it is the card I least like to see in a reading. The key I think is its suit, the suit of swords. I see

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