Bothered by the Devil?

Have you noticed, if you read for yourself regularly, how you can be stalked by one card? For sometime for me it was the 9 of swords. I used to prove it by asking students to shuffle their cards and pull 3 for me. Every time- there was the 9 of swords. Happily those times are passed, but recently it's been the Devil As a pagan I have no specific problems with the idea of the Devil, as a Shaman I work often with the Norse Goddess Hel, Queen of the lower worlds. So I wanted to share all the best the Devil card has to offer us. As ever, I am sharing my truth, I make no claim it is "the" truth. The upside down pentagram For me this represents putting physical needs above spiritual, or intellectu

My One Tarot Card Challenge

I love large, sprawling Tarot card spreads, often with two decks, where I let the cards lay on top of each other, deepening the spread, story and understanding. Sometimes a client, or me if I am reading for myself, can get caught in the swirl of possibilities & potentials. Could I do this, or could I do that...reflections on how past hurts are creating present blocks...peeking into future paths if lives are lived with bold optimism. I have come to realise that often two parts of my longer readings are really essential for a client to to make best use of a reading with me. Reflection of the now. I like to start with a reflection spread; whether of how the client is feeling about life in gene

What does the Justice Tarot card mean?

A curious card, how do you feel about it? Often in a reading I will say “you will get what you deserve-“ and that can create some very different reactions. Clients may say... “Oh, that’s me done for then, I really don’t deserve the success, or haven’t put much effort in.” “Fantastic, I know I deserve this” “Good, I still have time to focus and make this work then” Obviously answer 3 is the most encouraging from a tarot readers point of view as it suggests my client is aware that the responsibility and power for their life, resides with them. Answer 3 leaves the way wide open for me to help guide them forward, and is a beautiful reminder of how I view karma. I’m sure on one level we are born

Questions people ask me about my Tarot reading.

Do you predict the future, are you a fortune teller? Yes, and No. perhaps- if you want me to.... Most people coming to a tarot reader are looking to see what the future holds, yet I don't think the future is fully formed. When I am predicting the future I am exploring possibilities. If the possibilities I predict are what you hoped for then I can help you find the best way to achieve them. If the possibilities are not what you hoped for then I can help you to find a better way forward, or to deal with the difficulties in a clam and pro-active way. I rarely JUST predict the future, because I see my job as a guide to help you find the best way forward. Then again I rarely do a tarot reading th

Understanding the Moon

The moon, a fascinating card whose meaning can be much changed and influenced by the question, and the cards surrounding it. I would like to explore some of it's most common meanings for me in readings, and walk through the curious symbolism of this card. The moon itself. The moon, when up at night, can offer us light in the darkest of nights. But this light is reflected light from the sun. Most often for me in a reading the Moon suggests my client isn't fully aware of things. This is not the time to make a decision, wait until things are a little clearer. Because reflections are never a true reflection of their source- try reading some writing in the mirror. The moon card is often telling

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