The dangers of perfection

You don’t need to be perfect Before I started as a Tarot Professional I didn't realise that it is actually two jobs, equally, in one. I am a Tarot reader (teacher & author) and I have spent many years studying, learning and practicing to get here. I am very happy with my skills and love, love, love this side of my job. The “professional” indicates that I charge for my services, that I use my tarot skills as the basis of a business to earn my income. It indicates that I am a business woman too. I was NOT prepared for the business side! Like a lot of people, I guess, I crawled slowly towards “professional” a few face to face readings, the odd fair, a series of workshops where I taught the sa

Why I love the the Queen of Swords

I think we all need at least one Queen of swords in our life. (Though I am using “she” in this blog, my Queen of swords description could just as easily be a “he”) Here are some of the key symbols (in the Rider-Waite card) that I think make her such an amazing person to have in your life; One swords, held upright & one bird The Queen of Swords only communicates one thing, her truth. It may not be THE truth (what is that anyway?) it may not be YOUR truth, but it is her opinion, her truth on what ever matter you asked. Why is this important? Because “truth” is a complicated matter. Most things in life are subjective, most people see the world through a complicated mist of their emotions, insec

Business Mistakes

This week my website crashed because I "missed" an invoice about my domain name, I sent links for my free book for, not (meaning they only worked for peopel in Britain), I managed to set the smoke alarm off by cooking noodles (don't ask!), had major issues with Pay-pal, and am still wondering where the money for the next tan​​k of heating oil will come from. My life is a series of failures, from which I pick myself up and keep walking. Yet when I look at the larger picture of my business & life- it really isn't so bad. Failure happens (again, and again) I have learnt that growing a business is a series of failures, and the only way to deal with this is to learn and m

Life lessons & the 4 of swords

I love the 4 of swords, it represents something I have very little of now; a moments peace. Our lives are so busy now, it seems we work harder than ever before, and in our "down" time are distracting ourselves ever more too. This really is the age of distraction with the "bread and circuses" of you-tube and box sets. And yet our busy lives leaves us, in my opinion, repeating old mistakes- because we never take the time to reflect, process, and learn from our mistakes. When the 4 of swords crops up, it reminds me of the value of reflection, time spent with the body still and the mind active. Lets look at some key symbols in the Rider-Waite card; The 3 swords hanging above the person, with on

Too Much?

How do you feel when you look at the 10 of pentacles? I believe that when you are reading for your self that instant feeling you get when you look at a card is very telling. When we read for ourselves we project our psychology into the cards, it is like looking at our deepest self in a mirror. When I look at the 10 of pentacles I feel slightly anxious, overwhelmed. I want to brush the pentacles aside. I want to talk to the old man. I want to kneel down and speak to the little boy, face to face. Do you feel the same? Or do you like the business, the opulence, the sense of lots going on? (one of my students described this card as "invigorating, like a busy Sunday market") The point of this blo

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