What is the question?

The most important part of any Tarot reading (in my opinion) is the question. What is it you that you, or your client want to know? I read for a young client the other day who had a list of questions about job, boyfriend. Clear questions that would help her shape the next year of her life. She had recently been to a different Tarot reader who had focused on her life in the future, marriage and middle age. Whilst much of what this tarot reader said may well have been astute and inspired- it didn't actually help, or answer my clients questions. Sometimes it is the client that causes the problem. "When will Simon fall in love with me?" Is a closed frame question I have to unpick before I can re

Which is the happiest Court- Card?

Just my personal thoughts of-course, I'd love to know your opinion! I think the happiest court-card is the King of Pentacles. (and for balance I think the saddest is the King of coups, but that is a whole-nother blog) I am using the Druid-Craft King for my study. I believe it also works for the Rider-waite deck. Christmas in a card The first thing to say about this particular card, is it just looks like Christmas (Yuletide if you prefer) The colours, Robin, Holly. I love the image of The oak leaves on his shield, this is the time when the oak King wins his battle over the Holly King. What makes Christmas day so special (or Solstice if that suits better?). I argue it is your attitude. You pla

My "controlling partner" alarm car

There is one card that crops up time, and time again to represent a controlling partner (or parent). The 6 of pentacles. I used to quite like this card, experience has taught me to see a different side. Here are the things that have come to worry me; The beggars are on their knees. Now if I am giving money to a charity, homeless person or Big Issue seller I do not expect them to show any deference to e for my generosity. A "Thank you" is of-course welcomed, but i have to be honest and say the kneeling beggars picture concerns me. The strange coin split from the "merchants" hand I could argue that if there are 6 coins, each beggar should be given 3. But that is simplistic, and presumptive. Ma

Connect with your tarot cards, every-time.

The hardest part of being a professional tarot reader is needing to provide accurate and helpful readings, even when I might be tired, stressed, or in a busy venue. Here are my top tips to always get "in the zone" Habit (ritual if you prefer) try to read for yourself regularly and create a personal habit that becomes automatic. How you store your cards, how you shuffle & chose your cards, any candles, crystals, prayers or affirmations you may use. Your brain will associate this ritual with being calm and connected. Exactly what and how you prepare for a reading is less important than the regular practice. A prayer, blessing or affirmation, asking your guides to help. I know there is a wide

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